Wednesday, June 1, 2011


theres pretty much 4 stances to do every trick   (regular, switch, fakie, nollie)
and diferent turns  such as backside and frontside
heres a list of every trick

ollie - (beginner)     fakie- (beginner)   switch- (beginner) nollie- (beginer)                
bs 180- (depends on your turning ability)  fakie (beginner) switch (medium) nollie (medium)
fs 180- (depends on your turning ability)  fakie(beginner)  switch (medium) nollie (medium)
bs 360- (hard)     fakie(hard)  switch(hard) nollie (hard)
fs 360- (hard)       fakie(medium)  switch(hard)  nollie(medium)      

bs pop shuvit- (beginner)    fakie(beginner) switch(medium) nollie (medium)
fs pop shuvit- (beginner)     fakie(beginer)  switch(medium)  nollie (medium)
360 bs pop shuvit- (medium)      fakie( medium) switch(hard) nollie(hard)
360 fs pop shuvit- (medium)        fakie(medium) switch(hard) nollie(medium)

kickflip- (beginner)         fakie(beginner)  switch (medium)  nollie( medium)
bs kickflip- (medium)      fakie(medium) switch(hard)  nollie(hard)
fs kickflip- (medium)       fakie (medium)  switch(hard)  nollie(hard)
double- (medium)           fakie(medium)  switch(hard)  nollie(hard)
triple- (hard)                  fakie(hard)  switch(hard)  nollie(hard)

heelflip(begginer)           fakie(beginer) switch(medium)  nollie(medium)
bs heelflip(medium)       fakie(medium) switch(hard)  nollie(hard)
fs heelflip(medium)        fakie(medium) switch(hard)  nollie(medium)

varial kickflip(beginer)   fakie(begginer)  switch(hard) nollie(medium)
varial heelflip(medium)     fakie(medium)  switch(hard)  nollie(medium)

hard flip(hard)       fakie(hard) switch(hard) nollie(hard)
inward heelflip(hard)  fakie(hard) switch(hard) nollie(hard)

tre flip(medium)    fakie(medium)  switch(hard)  nollie(hard)

theres alot of other things but those are just the basic tricks haha   that most everyone can do if your good lol

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

on days lol

well i played kyle in skate yesterday 4 times
the first time we got off to a slow start and it was really hot
but i beat him
then we went back outside after it cooled off
then i beat him again
then we played again and this is the game we both wen hard on

lets see
fakie tres
nollie tres
double flips
fakie 360 shuv
nollie flip
fakie frontside flip
backside flip
switch backside 180
frontside flip
fakie varial heel
we went hard but i beat him

then the fourth time we played we didnt get to finish lol cuz we went home lol

looks like i got my tricks back and some
well  anyways tornadoes and bad storms last night
and suppose to be this night to maybe all this week idk lol

o well as long as it doesnt kill or tear my shit up lol
all i brought downstairs yesterday was my laptop and my beanie lol
important things ya know lol
o well my money making chances r pissin me off shit is not going to plan...
itll happen cuz ill make it happen
idk what to talk about lol so bye i guess

well wats the point of having followers if you dont comment ?
if your following me then gtfo if your not going to comment

Friday, May 20, 2011


Need more friends with wings
All the angels I know
Put concrete in my veins
I’d always walk home alone
So I became lifeless
Just like my telephone

well kitty is gone and im lonely i cant talk to her becasue her phone is stupid..
ive been doing nothing lately i feel like were broken up and were just friends akwardly talkin to eachother becasue we feel like we have to...i hate that feeling   i dont want that feeling ...agin

well well i hope she gets back soon she probly forgot about the dbz toons o well...

im gettin money selling rims on saturday for $200
and my mom owes me 5
and pablo owes me 5  becasue i beat him in skate

stuff news has arose that will most likely mess all my freinds up but when that time comes i guess well figure something out

but i talked with everyone yesterday  larry, kyle, pablo, dom, leonard and were all getting mthg tatted on us somewere..itll be nice 

idk what to talk about? i really dont have anything my phone is silent..and i dont have freinds

but anyways i guess ill just wait till kitty gets back soon =/ i miss you and i love you so much bye

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

update wensday

well things arent going to plan lately haha
ill prob start getting mad pretty soon...
well that damn derbi gpr 50cc i want is way to hard to find here there limits to
like i have to buy it witch means im not paying thousands...and the only one that it looks like would be good is this dude in virginia hes selling one for 700 but thing is there no contact info so i cant talk to him ugh
but my backup plan is finding a nice honda ruckus i guess but ide rather have something bigger and sportier looking faster but i guess if i got one of those and upgrade the hell out of it i could make it look cool hmm well see
   im trying to find someone that will help me with my search lol  no luck   someone have and old mopeds or engines or stuff i can have to sell lol prob not =/  lol      well anyways kitty left today damn   

hmm i might have to go back to the life of crime make the big dollars to get wat i want but i dont nessicarly want to do that but i cant think of any other way cuz i really dont have shit to sell i have truck/jeep rims to sell i might be able to get 200 or 150 for them ehh   i have a big tv if kitty dont want it i might be able to get 50 to 80 out of it lol   i have a nice camera mabye 700 to 1000 for it thtd be really good... i cant take that big guitar amp from larry i might get 50 to 80 out of that

i just did almost accurate for what i would sell them for    
rims=$ 200

so not bad but hopefully i can get that much for that stuff prob not tho   so i need more stuff to sell
i can sell my modded xbox for like 40 or 50     idk help!! please   lol

Thursday, May 12, 2011

life update

well i started skating again and after two days i beat kyle and tim and pablo and larry at skate haha i got all my tricks back and some new ones lol   except i feel like i got jumped im hella bruised haha

and anyways about the motorcycle i want the ninja 650r ill be waiting until i get my motorcycle liscence but until that time ill be getting a derbi gpr 50   witch is only in europe there rare in the us but i think i might try to get one shiped here thatll be alot of money though or maybe ill find one craigslist haha
they look like this

that black one is the body version
this orange one is the nude version

im pretty sure ill be gettin the body version but its easy to switch it to nude just take plates and fenders off lol
i can also paint it i might cuz i kinda want to make it the colors of my bmx custom black and gold   so ill paint the bars bright gold and have the fenders and body black
itll look pretty legit also two seater for my girl and hopefully she can find some way to get one thatd be awesome   well ya thats prety much it so bye comment please

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

terrible day is going ok

well i was planning on it being a really terrible day but so far its been pretty good hopefully itll stay on that track :/   well anyways things that would of made it bad is  i was planning on being really sick today but the days not over and these arent usually when my sickness starts i can kinda feel it ehh.. and i had 2 math tests today witch i though i was going to do bad on but turns out i only got 3 wrong on the big test and i got a 7 out of 7 on the thats good and no homework =)   and now im in media lit is religion witch i hope i dont have any surprises there i think were just watchin feild of dreams for the millionth time
and then history...witch im pretty sure we have a test in :( witch will be bad considering i need this one to pass   well anyways not much has happened recently ive gotten more into motorcycles again ive always been interested but now im thinkin again    and i skate again! >:( i cant stop i can only stop for a little bit...
cuz i got home and kyle, pablo, larry, leonard and dom was there larry was washin his car while we skated in the street and we all played skate and skated around doin diff stuff it was fun i got my flatground tricks back for the most part lol...and everybody has tattoos i just noticed haha

pablo has had some there pretty shitty hahah  he has some tats on his arm and on his chest,

kyle has 4 tats  one on his chest is the mystery logo, on left inside wrist it says make on the right inside it saves beleive so together it says make believe  and on his inner right bicep it says we will never surrender in caligrapghy cursive..

dom has 1 i think on his inner right forearm that says faith in cursive

we all gonna get our mthg tattoos at the same time though
and im gettin my indian cheif tat on my back
im not sure what all larry is gettin

haha well anyways about motorcycles im thinkin bout gettin a kawasaki ninja 650r its a pretty nice bike
i like it and know alot about it cuz one of my fav youtubers called m13  (mordeath13)  has it and does vlogs while riding

 thats what it looks like haha well im gonna check for homework and take a piss so bye guys and hello to my new followers comment!  

Friday, May 6, 2011


to be honest kitty is making me kinda mad...i dont really care if anyone reads this and says wow your a dick no im a realist i know how life works i know hows situations turn out im almost always right and kitty knows that but for some reasons she doesnt do stuff and then she gets upset when something happens.
ok well kitty is upset about her artwork getting ruined ok yes i =de be sad to ...would i cry like she ide be mad though but only for a hour or 2 then get over it because just your paints and drawing got ruined your abilty to paint and draw didnt go away to so your can do better peices and you can try to use this to your advantage try to think about ruin and make art of of it like disaster like rubble of mixed black lines and dark colors and out of those colors starts forming shapes and artwork gradually getting brighter  and it can represent something like you lowest point and digging yourself out but stronger  and it might just be your best peice of art or it can be a nice peice of art becasue it can represetn a dark time in your life that you workd through and it can motivate you when ever your feeling down..

 the reason im mad though is becasue in her post she said no one was there and she hated everything and nothing was good and she didnt say anything about me...   so she kinda left out the part that i called her and made her feel better that best i could andgot her laughing and talking normal and telling her that everything is fine and it i guess that didnt matter  ........ok she hates everything? really ? then what am i doing here?
nothing is good? what about all those things we do/talk/make together the time we just saw eachother
i guess those mean nothing to you..

 another reason is that even though her dream is to go to art school a realist i know how this works now so im being honest not mean so you can suck my dick
if you go to art school witch is hard to get into anyways then you have to be really good...yes kitty is really good but if you want to graduate art school and become an artist then no...becasue your chances of becoming an artist that actually makes money are very slim you have to be amazing nowadays
and since the economys bad no one is really hiring artist becasue they can do it themselves to save money

so it wasnt a good idea in the first place but to replace that college idea i gave her this one
since she is so good at editing photoshop codes and stuff
i told her to go in for photo imaging/editing and websites desing codes and through that she has more opertunities and she can do art to...itll work better in the long run  

and to be honest she could become a therapist just an idea

i love you kitty but you cant give up on things just cuz there was a minor setback
and this is minor its just painting and drawing you can do more better ones you an creative artist with amazing potential and you dont believe in yourself you dont think you can do better when you really can
im not telling you,you cant do these things in this post im telling you better ideas that will help you in long run trust me im always right ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

hipster? im so dirty!

ya im so hipster i deleted my facebook becasue it was to mainstream
i dont walk because its to mainstream i moonwalk
i dont get into the ocean becasue its to current
i shop at junk yards becasue new stuff is to new
but then again its been used so that means i cant

i listen to music but youve never heard of it
im so underground my best freinds are looney tunes charcters

dude everything thing i just said is so sick man its nasty dirty sick nasty ugly
dirtier than unwashed undies
you no what else is dirty dubstep omg is so nasty

i like the part of dubstep when it goes whomp whomp whomp whomp bass drop whomp whomp whomp.........

o wait that how every dubstep so goes o well its dirty  i guess good music that actually makes sense is to mainstreeam     

see how dumb that sounds?   whats the point of it? what is hipster? what is anything lol how bout people god didnt make groups and genres he made people? so why change what has already been put in place
all these natural desatasers are probly happening becasue were changing up all his shit and hes pissed lol

and emo? wtf so your emotional because thats the root meaning and so in that case everyone is emo becasue everyone has emotions good jobs for making a genre of nothing lol
so you have emotions ?  ok everyones emo but you were makeup and dye you hair and do all these things and you can make your own genre?    ok sweet im going to make my own genre hmm let me do some thinkin and ill make my own genre and then i can be cool like all these kids haha 

Monday, May 2, 2011

hey life update hm not much happened recently i did alot of work to my house haha jeez.
rapping beens pissin me off lately ive been havin a hard time again i might get it back
and not much lately havnt seen kitty still ina while one of these days haha
well friday i got sick ugh i hate gettin sick especcialy at school
kittys sick today =(  poor baby hope your ok boo love you i kinda feel sick to hopefully i can make it till i get home without gettin sick again...i mean really stomach youve made it through the whole year and you only hurt a couple times now theres like 5 weeks left and you givin it to me blah please stop
bu i set myself up for destruction on friday and today

on friday i didnt eat breakfast but at lunch i ate pb&j, flamin hot cheetos, chocolate cookies a chicken sandwich drenched in hot sauce and some baked doritos and some nasty ass apple juice so by the end of the day my stomach was gicin it to me....
and yesterday i ate garbage then for dinner my mom brought me taco bell   2 valcano tacos and 1 soft taco with root beer then they left to go to dinner and i had this tai pen sweet and sor chicken box and i ate that
then when my rents got back they brought ribs from montgomery in and some cookies blah 
and then this morning i ate 3 pancakes ugh  so im waiting for it cuz my stomach started hurtin last night but i really dont want it to i hope it can wait till i get home cuz i just want to make it through school then it can go ham at home if i wants lol  

well someone on here said that i should put pictures up well thing is im not a picture taker. and im not a big blog person i get on here only in this class no other time so i dont take pictures of everything i do like some people and im to lazy to make my blog all colorful pictures everywere and and banners and links and shit so ya..

Thursday, April 28, 2011


ya well im hella bored, its cold and i gotta take a piss...
im workin on my forth song kitty
her songs so far
sex rap lol
forever in love
beautiful memories
and im in the making of a new one

well anyways i wish ide get more followers cuz that be pretty cool haha
so read my nonsense!!

i wanna f
i miss that and i no you do to haha
so wen we see eachother ya know
we can um get right on that

so we go to the mall on friday so i can buy you that stuff
i dont remeber what all you wanted
new gauges?  um shirts? go to wet seal? and macys/ jcpennys?  lol
i dont really wanna chill there though we can go and get the stuff but then i want to leave
we can go eat somewere
mabye applebees? have a nice dinner together? lol
then we can go to greaters to get icecream or the goody shop witch ever you prefer lol

anyways i never know what to talk about anymore
i can talk about my music well
ive been in alot bands and stuff rock/metal/screamo/ you name it lol
ive made music for a hardcore techno band i was in lol
and then i expiremented with rap around 8th grade but i got into it in 9th and the beginning of 10th
and had a rap group called ohigho boyz for obvious reasons haha (get high)
but then stopped and started again around the end of 11th grade
now i got my flow back and im gettin good again
so i can pretty much rap whatever words are always flowin in my mind nowadays haha

like here il do a freestyle right now

im sittin in this room with all these old ass computers
i really miss here and really wanna do her
i am freiza so i hope i do not get cooler
the distance between me and you
cant be measured
cuz miles arent on rulers
i still need to piss cuz
i still havnet gone
my dick hurts
but thats probly cuz its so long

well i gotta piss so im stopping bye haha

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

life update and what not

hah hey im bored i just forgot my sign in stuff so i spent like 5 mnutes trying to remeber what it was lol....
anyways um new stuff um everything pretty much going the same  except i record my own music now  (rap) ill show you guys sometime   um im on the computer alot   i have my own in room studio lol it pretty ghetto right now but it works good  but soon im going to make an actual sound proof room in my garage

 we sold our subaru forester to get  2011 subaru outback lol its pretty legit for a (wagon) 257 horsepower
140 and up mph  lol ------considering the smaller sportier forester only hit 120 top  lol  and my f150 has 300 something hp   

anyways im pretty bored all ive been thinkin about and doin is recording its pretty fun 
i have alot of rap collabs now  with artist like   gasp, reycs, jeok, jp3, kb, and some other people coming soon lol

um im gettin anxious to do larrys car haha....well he has a hand me down pontiac bonneville  and its pretty beat up but the reason why its so cool is becasue its louder than anything you can think of haha
its strictly bass the whole cars raddles and thinks break
when it rains he has to cover his car becasue his sunroof leaks and trunks leaks becasue the bass warped his car
hes started out not knowing really anything about subs and asking my freinds dad to help and he only had 2 12" subs with a small amp and then he bought some other stuff and devoted his life to learning everything about subs to know so now after buying and selling multple sets of subs and amps and batteries

   he has 2 15" kicker l7s , 3 batteries, wires everywere, and a 32" amp and with just that it warpeds, shakes snaps, sets off car alarms and makes people in the backseat throwup..  so now he has a new project
with is in progress we ripped out the back set and he bought 2 more 15" l7 to add on to the 2 he already has and he building a wall facing the front of the car in place of his back seat...and he going to carpet it and clean everything up and our freind is going to wire it for thump neons inside and im going to do custom interior and its going to look awesome but the problem is   the car is going to break in half its going to be to loud and he can only drive himself and one other person but noone is gonna wanna ride with him becasue theyll suficate becasue of how much air the subs uses and puts out........but his main goal in a year or two after everythings done hes going to enter compitions for bass ........haha

anyways i wish more people would read...  o yeah and you guys no how i stopped skating? well my freinds were over with there board and what do you know after all this time of not touchin a baord i get on it and i can still do tricks   i guess it never goes away really hahah

Thursday, April 14, 2011


i havnet posted in a while but not that that matters no one reads except aeri o well...  im bored as always..i dont know wha i feel like hungry i feel like summer were i dont have to do anything..and i better not hve no god damn summer school yall can suck my dick..

ya well anyways..i have nothing to talk about...i have no freinds lol  well i dont feel like this so bye

Monday, April 4, 2011

happy =)

well everything has been pretty good lol, ok grades hopefully i dont start slipping now...=/  ive seen kitty alot lately witch has been good im pretty bored right now...ive gotten back into paiting again and i got on collectoons again lol...ugh o well i want to drive tired of not being able bout to just go to the place and do everything so i can just drive now lol me and kitty should go together ...if she wants to lol she keeps not going...just go!! and study a little bit becasue its a waste of time to take the test if your just gonna fail it lol i learned that the hard way lol  then in 6 months youll be driving so if you get them now youll have 2 months left of school then summer and youll drive next year of school...then there you go lol so i say lets do it lol i hate the classes though but you dont have to take stupid crap since your 18 but it wouldove been  a good idea becasue it teaches you stuff and your inscurance wouldnt be so high but its to late now if you wanted to do that plus u got to get a car and idk if your dad is actually going to give you that car...hopefully cuz then you wont have to buy one to...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

you there?

baby keep me updated blog about everything you do lol im curious lol

secret day

haha today should be a good day if everything goes as planned usually my plans go good. so anyways while im at school kitty will be sneaking into my house she can eat some golfish and flamin hots and a cupcake if she wants that lol and she can lay in my bed and get on my laptop and play video games if she wants to lol she has my house to herself lol and the plan is that she stays there all day and well figure something out later haha hope everything goes good i love you baby and i hope my dogs dont attack you i didnt think about that but you should be fine just say lexies name lol so anyways i have a doctors appointment today and hes gonna grope me and i dont like that haha

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

great day

well yesterday was great it was just like old times lol..i woke up and called her at 7 in the morning i told her to come over she got her and we went at it for like 6 hours was was great..
      well anyways she was hungry lol she ate a breakfast sandwich, 2 bowls of trix, 2 cookies, pizza rolls, pink lemonade, then after awhile we went to speedway...i got a monster and a choco taco   she got a mocha monster and a oreo thing lol we walked back home when we past leonard house he came out and we talked for a little then larry and mary rose came home and we all talked then we went in and chilled and ate more food and stuff then i got bored of being inside so larry left to go put in a head unit in some dudes car and mary rose stayed sleeping kitty leonard and lyyod went outside, we cut down a tree...and i started throwing knifes at paint cans and blew 2 up lol its kinda fun then me and leonard started playing around and me and kitty started throwing a football back and fourth lol you should work on that throw babe lol... lyod was beating a traffic cone with a log for some reason then larry came back home and we all went insidde and chilled again..then me a larry went out to try to fix the atv so we pulled it out and started taking crap off so we didnt have a throttle anymore but we still had the cable so we got an idea of how to ride it so i grabed the cables with a pair of pliars and pulled the cables while larry steered lol it was hard but we got the hang of it so we started off up the street so when you have the throttle when its not broken you let of to shift up or down o since we didnt have that i had to lossen my pull of the cable so he could shift wich was kinda hard but i got better at it so we drove all the way around our area and every time we shifted up it would lag then backfire then accelerate lol it jerked was kinda cold out so i was freezing lol we saw kyle on our way back and stopped to talk for a second lol then we dove back...came back in chilled for a little and watched movies and then i walked kitty to my house to get picked up then we talked on the phone for the rest of the night until like 11 lol so over all it was a great day and im so happy i got to spend with the girl i love

my post of my jealousy

well since as long as i can remeber i was that guy i knew it and so did everyone else..i might sound concieted but yeah i was irresistable to everyone for some reason i could get anyone i wanted i was to good at it... i got what i wanted and then threw it away..and moved on i was such a big player i dont know why i did it but i did...if you ask people about me theyll say that im a player girls know me all over...i dont talk to them and none of them beleive ive changed but i have..this doesnt sound beleiveable but i made a list of girls that ive done stuf with and went out with and after i got past 90 i stopped counting because it made me feel bad...because i couldove kept adding names and there was a few i even forgot or didnt ever know there names  i have proof of all of them to becasue i can bring them its not good...and i guess after years of doing that i just wasnt that intresested ive felt like ive had it all and then i met agi and i had a somewhat serious relationship but thing was i wasnt...i cheated still and talked to whoever i wanted i didnt care i always told her what i did though becasue i didnt like lying about it...and i really regret doing it all and she knows i do becasue we fixed everything now but i havnt talked to her since we hung out i think it settled things with both of us finally kindal ike putting a lost sole to rest yeah...i feel alot better now...ive apoligized to most of the girls over time but i gave up after awhile because none of them believed me but i dont blame them...from how much i lied why should they?   but anyways after that horrible realtionship with agi...i know i said i loved her but im not sure what to call it...becasue theres no way i couldove loved her if i did i wouldove cared more maybe its just becasue she was like my frist real girlfreind i had strong feelings for someone that actually showed more feelings for me than anyone else ever did...but no i dont think it was love......

             there is only one person i love and that is asberry
  i met her and i knew from day a way it wasnt right..but i also did like her...becasue when i first saw her i told my freind that she was hot and i wanted her...they said you cant get her she has a bf and theyve been going out for awhile...right when they said that it was now a mission...i would get her at all costs...lucky for me everything when into place and worked out...i did everything for her not becasue i had to but becasue i wanted to i liked her so much she was perfect in my eyes there was a couple things that happened in the beginning that i was hurt by but never said anything about becasue i felt stupid..but it didnt stop my feelings for her         i really messed up with agi and i still apolize to this day but its over now everything is better now..

 we love eachother more than ever and always will <3 i love you asberry

Thursday, March 24, 2011

update (march 24)

well im sittin in media lit class and this weather has got me all messed up itll go from 80 degrees out super hot then start raining get cold snow then get super hot have a wtf? my body cant keep up with that so now i got a small cold blehh! o well plus i got some holes up in my mouth wich hurt really bad and i cant eat that much but i still do so it bleeds...hahah o well its super cold in this room my hands moves slow lol it always looks like someone jizzes all over this keyboard wich is kinds nasty lol...well anyways ive been pretty good for the most part apperently im doin alot better and i only have to take 6 classes at the least next year instead of 8 so ill get out at 12 wich it awesome execpt i hope i dont get put in a shit class that i really dont want and i swear ill kill someone if i have to go to ummer school this year i aint doin it no! i wont ill drop out of school before i do that again fuck yall...and anyways i miss my baby alot so i hope il get to se her today or tomaro since i dont have school tomaro i asked her to find out if i could come visit her at her school lol i dont see why not? bein off scgool is cool in all but some times i dont like it because im suck with nothing to do all day and all i can think about is what kinda stupid shit is my rents gonna try to make me do today or i wonder how im gonna get out of going to church on sunday and dammit how is it already 10 at night i have school tomaro ya  ouch my mother f'n tounge hurts i got a hot on the bottom of my tounge to...well i really dont have that much to talk about well if you wanna talk just comment me or something bye <3 love you babygirl hope your having a good day

Friday, March 18, 2011

just another day in the life

well todays friday but that doesnt mean anything because i always get bad news and it may not be to you but it is to me...yesterday i had to go to the chinese buffet with my grandparents mom and sis  thats wasnt so bad but i didnt feel like going.  and today my mom wants me to go to the basketball game tonight because she doesnt want to go alone and i dont feel like going to the game because sports are boring to me now ive guessed because nothing is new its been the same old thing forever..i like different sports that you can do on your own and its always skatebaording theres always new obstacles and no rules....boxing always a new person to fight and always different style of fighting well dad left yesterday to go to d.c. to watch basketball games and will be back on sunday..and my sister leaves today to go to cancun so ill just be chillen alone bored..and the stupidiest news is that my dads works schedule changes so i have to stay at school till 4 everyday....when i get out at 2:45 and 2:18 on wensday ya i dont feel like doin that   thats 10 hours at school ya im only seeing things get worse latlely bored i might blog next bell

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


haha well this morning when i was getting ready i looked this up cuz i was bored.. well anyways the website is blocked in school but   if you type  could zombies be real in google   the first link should say 5 scientific reasons a zombie apocolypse could actually happen click that link and read it..thats kinda scary considering some of those have actually been proven and they said nanobots will ehh...thats not going to be fun ...get guns loaded and your sights set lol....well anyways im sittin in this empty class with a crappy toshiba touch screen laptop..stupid tablets hahah...anways im not sure what to talk about i wish more people would comment me so ide have more things to talk about ..but i dont so that sucks...i wonder how mny people actually read my blog but dont comment lol probly none =(  o well


its all over =)

well i ended up hanging out with agi and its was different alot different and i liked it first she went home after dance and wrote quick directions to my house she mustove skipped one cuz she got lost lol so it took he a hour and a half to get here in the rain cuz she had to call me and i had to get on google maps from were she was and tell her how to get there from some random persons house lol...well anways i gave her directions all the way up to my street but she remembered where she was when she got closer lol...well i got in her car and we went and sat in olyplian club we made small talk and listened to dubstep....and i was woried and nervous at first for seeing her again but it ened up being ok we sat there for awhile talkin the she had to pee really bad so i told her how to go to speedway to pee so we went in but didnt buy anything lol then i decided to go to northgate despite the fact i didnt feel good i thought ide just give in cuz i didnt want to make her i went so we went in then went into nu image and went look at stuff then she saw insense and she was like omg! im getting some so she got 10 different scents and a purple insense tray thing its was pretty so we walked out and and went in some other stores then she was like shit...i forgot to buy my lip ring so we wlked back in and bought it lol...well there was nothing really  hot topic got changed around and was crap....spencers is normal as usual lol, and journeys took out nikes so that crap so nothgate is pretty much garbage lol...well anyways we walked back into her car and listened to music and burned insense in her car then we went home and i gave her 10 dollars cuz of all the stuff and then she called me and i gave her directions back home and it only took like 30 mins to get home because she actually followed the directions good lol.....well anyways..wht changed is it felt so different everything ws completly friendly is like we never went out no problems no bad memories or akward silences or remember whens lol...everything was like we were old best freinds and im so glad that the last time i see her its on good terms i feel like i finally patched up a bad part in my life i feel different now i feel happier like i dont feel wierd , im not mad anymore and im hoping that this changes things =)   i love my girlfreind more than anything and now she has nothing to worry about becasue everything is completly about her now =) and yes i will go to the mall with you but im not allowed to go anywere tonight because my mom got mad at me for something lol o well ill call you when i get home 

Monday, March 14, 2011

im bored

well i dont really know what to talk about ... i was going to explain how crazy i am lol but i guess you guys dont need to know about all that...well i got a new follower but i dont think its a person lol idk its not like theyl talk t me anyways no one ever comments or talks to me lol
        thats ok im getting used to it...well im going to explain this because i guess its time thats we really talk about it and i dont know the outcome of this post but i think itll make things wierd...
    well anyways agatha...the girl i was with for 4 years and alot of stuff happened with her thats mesed alot of things up and i really liked her and i can never get her out of my head...its one of those things that your stuck with that really made a lasting mpression on you and i want it to go away but then again i dont..weve never completley stopped talkin to eachother weve said we hated eachother and were not talking numeruous times but we always end up talking again i want her to be gone so i can move on with my life and not have problems but then again we adults we have to be mature about this kind of thing we cant run away from things always yes i understand what this and you have to have this in a relationship and if you cant trust the person you love then it isnt real ..i know i said i wouldnt see her or talk to her but...yes weve moved on we dont have feelings like that for eachother were both in love with someone...but we still want to hang out becuase weve gotten to that point were all love feelings and attractions have slowly died out and now we feel for eachother and we want to be freinds we know that it wont be easy at first but  it will get better...theres no reason for eithers mate to get mad or ealous if we trust eachother then it will be ok...kitty has seen her ex bf alot since they broke up even they hung out when we were together when i wasnt there but i didnt get to hang out with agi because she lived to far away...then kitty and her ex hung out when i was there because theyd come around then he brought a freind over a couple months ago and i havnt seen agi but one time since we broke up and in that one time ive messed and it was was a mistake we didnt think anything would happened but we kissed we didnt mean to but it happened its over now though and life shouldnt end just ffom one mistake and if are relationship in trouble just because want to hang out then idk about this...were not going to do anything we are going to hang in a freindly manner and not all day she will come over and we will sit in olyplian club and talk about life not about eachother and our past about the now and everything will go over smoothly and it will be a one time thing..........i know it seems like im going crazy over her and like omg i miss her i love her ahh but no  im not making a big deal of this becasue i want her back but becasue you dont trust need to trust me i trust you...its normal for me to get mad because of who i am but im not getting mad at you so much and i trust you whenever you go some were....i love you and only you and nothing change that i promise..<3 and when this day comes if it does i want you to know that everythig will be fine i prmise

new read links

you should read this i did

       this link answers the question     and this next paragragh i know its alot but it makes sense    i read about trust to and i understand it all but know you need to and this is a form of trust

When a cou­ple breaks up on ami­ca­ble terms the most com­mon phrase uttered at the end of the awk­ward break up con­ver­sa­tion is “I hope we can still be friends.” Excuse me while I choke on irony. Really friends? Friends don’t say things that break my heart, cause me to cry uncon­trol­lably and make me want to punch them in the throat, but I digress. In my expe­ri­ence friend­ship with an ex is only pos­si­ble if A) there are absolutely NO resid­ual feel­ings for one another other than pla­tonic feel­ings. B) enough time has passed that the hurt caused by the break up has become a dis­tant mem­ory. C) both par­ties are mature, actu­ally want a pla­tonic friend­ship with one another and have no plans to rekin­dle the flame. Once both exes have reached this point they can begin to start a friend­ship. And D) how could I for­get, the most impor­tant part, there is no more sex­ual ten­sion. This is by far the most dif­fi­cult part to accom­plish. It’s hard to go from see­ing this per­son naked to ask­ing how things are going with their new sig­nif­i­cant other. As long as you have A, B and C you can suc­ceed at meet­ing up with your ex with min­i­mal ten­sion. If D is not pos­si­ble avoid alcohol.
When ini­ti­at­ing plans to spend time with an ex as a friend there are some ground rules that should be fol­lowed for the first few times you spend time together. The first, do not make plans to hang out in the evening. It will feel like a date and a date with an ex turned friend is not the feel­ing you want to go for. Sec­ond, make sure you meet at the loca­tion. Do not meet at your place or theirs. It will no doubt bring back mem­o­ries of the rela­tion­ship. Third, set spe­cific time para­me­ters for hang­ing out and make plans with some­one else after. That way if it gets too awk­ward you have a way to escape. Fourth, don’t wear any­thing that has sen­ti­men­tal value to your past rela­tion­ship with said ex. I once had cof­fee with an ex and made the mis­take of wear­ing a neck­lace he had given me and the next thing you know it’s “You wore that cause you still love me didn’t you?”
The ideal sit­u­a­tion would be cof­fee or lunch in a fairly pub­lic place that holds no sen­ti­men­tal value to your you or your ex. Alco­hol is a slip­pery slope when it comes to spend­ing time with your ex. Yes it can calm your nerves if you are feel­ing uneasy about the sit­u­a­tion but it can also bring back feel­ings of nos­tal­gia or attrac­tion for your ex. One drink becomes two and then three and before you know it you and your ex are talk­ing about old times and mak­ing drunk poor choices and every­thing gets more com­pli­cated than it was before. I’m just saying…
If you or your ex are dat­ing some­one new when you hang out for the first time, try to keep the details at a min­i­mum or avoid the sub­ject. Even if you are both over one another and have moved on, it’s still a bit of an awk­ward thing to dis­cuss. In time you will be able to talk about your new rela­tion­ships with your ex. My ex even com­forted me when I broke up with the man I dated after him. But it took time for us to get to that point. If he had told me he was dat­ing some­one new the first time I saw him post break up, I’d prob­a­bly burst into tears in the mid­dle of the restau­rant. When hang­ing out with an ex for the first time no doubt the con­ver­sa­tion will turn to another sticky sub­ject; the break up. Try to avoid the sub­ject at all costs. What’s done is done, it’s in the past there is no use dis­cussing some­thing that was obvi­ously painful for one or both par­ties. Blame doesn’t need to be assigned, just let it go.
When part­ing ways with an ex after the first hang out a quick hug is all you need. There is a mal­adroit way to han­dle the sit­u­a­tion and there is a tact­ful way. Be brief and com­mit this to mem­ory: “It was great to see you, (insert name of your ex). I’m so glad we can remain friends. Let’s do this again some­time soon.” That’s it. Unless you don’t want to see them any­time soon and hang­ing out with them reminded you that the only rea­son you could spend time with them before was cause at least there was the poten­tial for sex, well then com­mit this to mem­ory. “It was good to see you, (insert name of ex). I’m glad there are no hard feel­ings. Take care.”
Start­ing a friend­ship with an ex is the begin­ning of the new rela­tion­ship. It’s not a down­grade from your past rela­tion­ship or a con­tin­u­a­tion. In some cases a cou­ple wasn’t friends before they dated so begin­ning a friend­ship is com­pletely new ter­ri­tory. My most recent ex and I were not friends before we dated and now we are good friends. It a com­pletely dif­fer­ent ball game. Bound­aries have to be estab­lished, pet names have to be erased from your ver­nac­u­lar, cer­tain activ­i­ties are out of the ques­tion, etc. A new kind of trust has to be estab­lished as the friend­ship devel­ops. If you and your ex were friends before the roman­tic rela­tion­ship then it is a lot eas­ier to return to a state of normalcy.
The most impor­tant thing in start­ing a friend­ship with an ex is patience. A real friend­ship like the one you have with your pla­tonic friends is not going to hap­pen over night with an ex. In fact you may hang out a few times and find that it’s too dif­fi­cult to see them. Time has to pass and wounds have to heal. I have stood in my exes liv­ing room and sud­denly begun to cry while attempt­ing to watch a foot­ball game with him on TV over pizza and beer. Now I could watch a foot­ball game with him with his new girl­friend and not bat an eye­lash. Time, matu­rity and patience are the most vital ingre­di­ents when befriend­ing an ex.
In the end, see­ing your ex for the first time after a break up is a tricky sit­u­a­tion and equally uncom­fort­able for both par­ties involved. But when han­dled with matu­rity and mutual respect it can be the start of a beau­ti­ful friend­ship. Or it can be a won­der­ful reminder of why that per­son is your ex.

graff update and life

well im posting a little earlier today because i dont have class cuz the kids have ogts and i dont cuz i already took mine lol but anyways..ive been on vandalsquad alot more latleyi like it cuz im gettin back into painting and iguess ive done some ok peices not really i think i was the best when i was in gunsk  i really did alot of good stuff in there i always painted the best with reycs  me and him did the best collabs. he was always fun to talk to..but he hasnt been on for along time...he works to much lol...its all good k=though gotta pay them bills lol...anyways i dont get on vandalsquad c2m depot that often but every time i do everyone knows me lol ...i guess im one of those old kids everyone knows lol well to be honest i am i was on the site in 05 when it came out lol bored im just sitin in math class with a laptop ...

        so alot of stuff happened with japan thats not good...earthquake, tsunami, whirlpool, fires, explosions, floods, they are just in a huge mess i think this morning they said 10000 people were dead/missing thats not good =( well anyways i guess i dont have much to talk about really

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What do you write?:  sevnd
What crew do you rep?: sbk, bhms, oe
Rack or buy: eithers fine lol
You a toy: haha i kill them
Destruction,rep, or just art?:  all of the above
Are you a tagger??:   hmm sometimes i like throwies
Ever been in fights with rival writers?: nah ive been in fights while trying to write 
What city you rep??:  cinci
Krylon or Aresol?:  lol montana
Certain paint or dont even matter?:  doesnt matter foreal but depends on what you doing
Ever ran from the police?: hahah yes
You ever battled?: yep different ways though
Ever hit a train?:  um back when i used to hang with my friend ya cuz he lived realy close
Ever been dissed?: ya lol
Have you dissed another writer?: yes haha
Do you love graffiti?:  yes i really do <333
Graffiti or $10000000000000000??: considering thats not a real number and our country doesnt even have that much in circulation ill say graffiti
Hip-hop or rock?: both
White or black?: hmm black
Fat kap or skinnys?: depends on wat u doin bit ide say skinnys for tags and outlines...but if u wanna destroy get fats
How long have you been skating for?  hmm im not sure for years i know that
  lazer flips maybe i really those
  it was corey duffel, but i also like lem villemin
  hahah not anymore
  nope i never really do i just start skating
  haha yes there a girls that are professional
  well ive had so many im not sure
  that im not sure of either
  the love of it people always stiving for that next level
  hm depends on who you are lol and what you think is good cuz i can do alot
  um thats a good question
  o man...the thing that ended me i kickflipped a 7 and broke me knee
  i love clean tre flips on the ground.   kickflips down steps, big spin to boardslides,   hardflips off ledges
  hm lol idk i can skate alot
  um well ive landed every trick at least once but i suck at hardflips haha
  dc probly even though thats were i ended it
  anything really i dont care
  well considering i dont have a board my own right now  i guess you could say a broke toy machine board um...rob drydek thunder trucks rouge status kind..and i think spitfire wheels? idk i bought new everything and broke it within 2 weeks so i dont remeber
  Can you?


  hahah no...who cant?
  to tell you the truth i goes back and forth with me i always land my kickflips but sometimes ill do a clean ass kickflips then other days theyll be sloppy
  who cant manual? lol but ya i can manual for days haha
   i hate them but yes
   yes easiest grind besides boarslide witch i hate

 snatched this from kitty i kept her colors and everything lol

status: taken forever <3
favorite colors: black, dark red
favorite band: hmm i think is to hard for me lol
hobbies: graffiti, skateboarding, my girlfriend lol ;)
favorite flower: i dont pay attention tht much i like alot but idont know names
favorite consanent: idk lol 
favorite vowel: o
favorite weather: hmm i like warm sunny day not to hot,   the cool mornings not cold...and i like storms
favorite drink: root beer
favorite coffee: hm i dont have one
favorite snack: hot fries
favorite candy:  sour straws
favorite ice cream: chocolate almond i guess
favorite language: idk i dont have one
favorite anime: ehh i dont watch it
favorite gesture:  middle finger
after highschool plan: life
     well i didnt realize how stupid this quiz was until i got through it i dont do or pay attention to any of this stuff  blah im just bored

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

life update (march 8)

hey well this morning my friend tony came to school early witch is surprising and i said what are gonna do now lol? he said lets go outside to smoke well at first i was thinking nah im good but then i thought about it and was like wth why not...we went outside and piled in my freinds truck and another friend got in so we had 4 people in the front sitting on eachother smoking it was ok at first but then first bell i got sick and sat in detention room until 2nd bell i think the cig made me sick i got to stop smoking every time i do now i get sick it sucks...well anyways alot of suff has hapened started painting again good stuff has happened with my baby...

       we decided to change some stuff up were going to renew our virginities for eachother and forget our past ever might seem stupid to others but to us it will be good and ill love it ...

its very cold in this room because the school is to cheap to heat the whole school so some rooms they leave the air conditioning or nothing on at all so its freezing and you cant change it because they have a code...

               i got some school work done witch is good thatl pull my grade up alot witch is cool because i need it...we have mass tomaro wich is not cool because i dont like it and its ash wensday blah...

 im bored im just rambaling on about nothing really hmm i wish i had more followers still it would be cool if someone read my blog ..o well i dont have freinds hahah ...i know i dont have freinds because me and kittys pushed all our freinds away except for a few but she stills has freinds..the only person i talk to is kitty ...but the difference is when you go to an all guys school guys dont really feel like talking that much...but when you go to a coed school people are more like to talk i know she says she doesnt have friends all the time but she does...she has more freinds then i do...and people that would talk to her on anything if she posted a status people would like and coment it....ive posted alot of stauses and nothing...i dont really have real freinds no one asks me to hang out anymore i just to be asked to parties and pople used to call me to do things or invite with them now they dont...people invite kitty places but she doesnt want to...its ok though ill live haha i have the only person that really means anything to me anyways...but all im saying is its in a persons nature to have people around them and sometimes i get lonely and that i do everything for myself like writing these i just wished i atleast had freinds online but i dont even have that lol  larry was my bff but hes never around. leonard just sits at home so im bored there to...and thats pretty much it i dont have any other real freind kyle comes over but we done do anything    so kittys the only person that really interested in me...

       i just dont really understand why my life took such a big turn its not that bad because i was headed down the wrong path anyways but mabye its not me...mabye its everyone else...i guess it just goes to show what todays society is like now a days i stopped doin drugs, stopped whoring myslef out stop breaking the laws and doing stupid stuff and people slowly stopped being around i guess everyone today is so interested in drugs and trying to get with everyone they can and partying as much as possible.  that i just didnt want to be a part of that   well im gonna end this post cuz i gotta advertizement project ot do so bye lol ill post later

Friday, March 4, 2011

no reason to get mad just a freestyle

i remeber back when she played me like her favorite song and all the mothafuckers just stood round and sang along, all the people behind me i was on the frontline but when i turned to regroup they already left me behind, i was alone did my drugs till they was gone  and just when i i thought i found lucky clover bitch hit the replay and it started all over.. ...........ya dude was rappin and he told me to spit something and that came out it was pretty sick lol

its in my blood

skateboarding no matter what i do i cant stop i never could completly stop well this a short post but anyways kyle, larry, and tim came home and started skating...well i waned to skate i grabbed kitty board and skated it i didnt do much cuz u cant do much on that thing i 180 the big hole in hunters drive way wich is impressive on kittys board lol i did a couple flip tricks witch is also impressive on kittys board expescially a 360 flip, fakie big spin to manual, bs flip, a clean ass frontside 180 lol and probly soemthing else but i dont remember those tricks arennt hard but no one else can do it on kittys board excpet me lol ...well anyways the day before that i asked kittys what shed do if i broke her board and she said she didnt know what she do well when i was ksating with them they we trying to do fakie fs flips and i was like im so good at those and i wanted to showoff so knowing me i went to big for kittys board and i popped and flicked tht shit caught it and slammed it and all you heard was a crack but it didnt break in half lol i didnt mean to lol so its cracked now but its ok lol shes not that mad lol she was going to get new one anyways lol  and hell i might to cuz i dont like skating but i do like do fliptricks and playing skate because i dont lose lol

love will keep us together

well last night i got to see kitty and it as fun she gave me my valentines present wich was a little late but its ok lol, so anyways we hung out with leonard for awhile and watched viva la bam old episodes, and then fail videos haha then got bored and tried to go home but had to leave my we chilled outside and we sat for awhile then i got hyper and wantd to play around and i thought we should wrestle because she told me before that she liked we started to then i got her into and she was getting mad so we kept going and after so intense pushin lol we kissed for awhile then i held her down but i hurt her witch i felt bad about but it was ok she said she was after we got up she said do you wanna go again and idk what it was but something clicked in my mind that changed me im not going to tell what happened but i wasnt me and i almost really screwed up bad...but she calmed me down and snapped me out of it...ill just tell you that stufff happened to me that gives me mixed personalities and its not good...and this one is lets say a monster..  and i hate it...but she can snap me out of it if she just tells me its ok and hold me...and im so happy she can or ide be f'd    well anyways after i was all calmed down i freaked out like most perople would if that happned to them ...and i fell like a little bitch but i cried for the first time in along time and it was infront of her...i didnt mean to do was an accident and i wasnt myself idk how many times i apologized..well anyways its ok now were ok and thats all that matters to me  whenever i get like that my body gets really weak because my whole body changes every muscule in my body tightens and it makes my skin feel like it gonna rip and my heart beats r wierd and it i breahte weird and it a big stress on my body  more than what a normal person should take and it hurts my brain after that i feel like i got hit my a truck and a anvil got dropped on my chest i know that sounds over dramatic but it really does..right now my heart and chest really hurts and i havnt said one word to anyone since ive gotten to school...i think i get so sore because my body realeases so much adrenaline that it hards for my body to control and my body can do more then its regular limit and it really is scary because nothing about it is me except its my body...its not my feelings, its not my eyes, its not my muscules, its not my voice, its like i have to people in side of me and i doin twice the work i breath, heartbeats, and move for two i need to rest and hopefully i feel better so it was pretty scare to say the least .....but like i said were ok now and were going to see eachother again today i love baby muah

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

nevermind no rap lol

eh i started to but i dont feel like thinkin of ryhmes any anybody thats reads these help me get followers because i dont have a facebook anymore or nothing lol and i dont use twitter anymore so i cant tell people so yall should tell people haha jk i know no one reads this and it doesnt matter hahah     im so bored i gotta history test but i only got one of the sheets o well...i get ou early today but not realy because i get out at 2:18 but wait till sometime after 3  its gay o well peace

another random pointless post haha

wel i just got in the class and im bored so this will unbore me mabye so anways yesterday  felt kinda good out so kyle came over to skate i told him i dont skate no more lol but i rode the board around while he practiced lazer flips lol and he told me how to do them and i tried even though it hurt really bad hah i almost caught it frist try lol and then i bs flipped perfect and i was like i wonder if i can do them stationary so i did 5 in a row it was funny but my kne hurt like crap lol and then we broke kyles board... hmm im just realizing im just posting pretty much for myself lol and kitty when she feels like reading my nonsense lol....but no one reads these i have no followers lol...but anyways    ive been messing around with my drums again latley hah im still good...nothing really exciting has happened in awhile lol   i might jinx myself for saying this but my ibs really hasnt acted up latley like when i was in church it didnt hurt when i left on the way there or through the whole church  but now that i just said that my stomach will go ham hahah  butjust because it hasnt hurt in awhile it will mabye sometime soon because ibs goes away for alittle bit then comes back full force and my stomach kinda hurts now so whats happening with me not much..t others i have no life anymore but to me im fine with it  
                           this is my day
                  wake up txt kitty take forever to get ready then leave go to school depending what day it is lol if its a day  i go to math sit there and listen to crap lol, then go to media lit and blog and do homework, then go to religion have quizes and sit there and go to lunch, the history and take notes the whole time lol    
                         if its a b day then i go to enlish and do nothing but talk to all my freinds haha, then go to compution animation and play around in there, the cadd class and sit there bored drawing houses, then chemistry and play around in there doing nothing...ok the anyways after either one of those days ill do te same thing after school go home then either go to larrys or call kitty right away then get on the computer and talk for the rest of the night and then go to sleep   repeat...   
              on fridays ill do the same thing but when i get home ill go to larrys and mess around until like 12 or 1 and then walk home and kitty will already be asleep then ill stay up for another hour thinkin of what i want to do then there will be nothing then ill go to sleep,   on saturdays ill wake up go to larrys around 10 then wont do anything again and come home around 11 talk to kitty mabye...then wake up sunday either i go to church or i dont but ill hang out then to or most likely stay home the whole day and talk to kitty to go back to school hahah     
         wow this is a long boring post hahah mabye ill write a rap off the top of my head ill do it ina diff post haha

Monday, February 28, 2011

another post about skating

well my freinds go skate like every weekend and other days and they always get a big group of freinds and go to ollies or someplace and they come back and tell me what all they did and it makes me sad because i miss doin that i want to skate at parks and stuff but i cant ibs and my legs cant take skating anymore  
   i remebr that it didnt matter what i did if i was at a ksate park i couldnt help but skate i went to skateparks before and i learned how to ride parks and stuff and as i got old i started doin tricks there i went to outdoor then i went to sessions with freinds and i started going a little bigger then i went to dc plaza and that was it that ended my skating life it would never be the same after that day   i remeber skating around trying stuff landing almost everything how smooth the ground was i started out just riding the park going around doin fliptricks down the 3 steps and stuff just feeling the ground and how slick and it felt so good it makes me feel 10x better at skating and thats not always good  i saw the double sets and started kickflipping and 180 them i thought to myself wow i have gotten better here and i heelflipped a 5 witch i suck at heels so i was sure that i could land everything so i did all the sets i could find then there was this 7 set not that big but there was something weird about it idk what it was but it made me feel unsure and i rolled up pretty fast to it and ollied i landed but slipped out and was like its not that bad so i ollied and stomped it and rolled away it felt good and people clapped and said it was a sick ollie because i popped high and landed it gave me that much more confidence so i thought to myslef ill kickflip it so i got ready some people standing around watching and i rolled up like last time flicked and caught it i saw the ground but couldnt bring myself to land it so i kicked it away and i felt pressure on my ankles and knees from coming down so hard so i said i got to land it no matter what so i did the same i flickd again  caught it and was coming down the stomp it but as soon as my wheels touched my backfoot slipped off and touched the ground but my front foot stayed on  and kept going i did the splits kindove but my back foot went back and my knee popped and i felt a sharp pain go through  my knee i layed there a little i didnt scream or anything i just got up and it hurt to walk so i sat out and rolled around even though it hurt i coulndt skate i dont know why i could still skate after i just could the next day i bent my knee when i woke up and it hurt so much i stoff up and couldnt walk on it at all it was swollen so i stopped skating for months...and that was it for me if that hadnt happened ide be so much better because i was progressing so fast and i had so much confidence       after along period of not skating my freind asked me to go t ollies kate park with him i was unsure if i should since i hadnt skated ina long time but i decided to go even i didnt have a board he let me use and old board he had it wasnt that good but i made do...from the time i got there i started easy flatground tricks even though it hurt i still skated and i go my fliptricks bck but i couldnt do anything big i just rode the ramps, ollied the big two and 360 flipped the bank and did fliptricks off the manny pad..but when i was there i was looking at the 8 set and wanting to so bad but i couldnt...and ever since dc plaza it hurts when i skate as of now i have all my flip tricks but i cant go big no sets, gaps or ledges.  just yesterday i did the same exzact thing with a manual and my right knee hurts now so im thinking about stopping for good and try not skate even though i want to. so anyways it makes me sad hearing about all my freinds but i know i cant anymore so i have to give it up...</3 bye skateboarding

life update (feb 28)

well its monday bleh hahah we had a three day weekend because i didnt have school on friday but i hate fridays off becuase it feels like a regular weekedn because i stay out on friday all day anyways so it feels like i still went to school i like mondays of better.. anyways  ive been playing game boy advance emulator yesterday pokemon o yea old school lol...i still havnt painted really im trying to get people to sendm e collabs i try to talk to people here and there to let them no im still here lol  
               ok well kitty if your reading this before i ge out of school then the reason i said you shouldnt come over is because i thought ude be sick and your mom wont let you anyways because you didnt go to school and she might not let you go to dance so i fugured that it probly be best if you just stayed home...if you can then ya sure well work it out lol.    
          and i was drawing first bell and i got an idea for a mulitpe picture story line .. ok well my idea was key to my heart picture story...
          1st picture have me standing there
          2nd you walk up to me  and we look into eachother eyes
          3rd i take my shirt off and we put a old chest lock with the key hole over my heart?
          4th you take you hand and put it over the lock
          5th you have the key for the lock
          6th you put it in the key hole
          7th then we hold hands and looks into eachother eyes and kiss
     or something like that it would be cool we also have to have a cool backgound  or something haha idk

          well anyways i woke up this morning and i didnt feel like going to school but o well lol  hm im pretty bored theres nothing to do here its a A day so i have the crappy classes   math, media literacy, religion, history
                        not fun classes haha anyways ill post when i come up with another topic bye love you baby

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

aeribaby --- and suicide

lol well this was an unexpected post because i have alot of work to do and i didnt think i would have time to post but wth haha....anyways to kittys post about crying and smiling haha i agree with that....butone wierd think i do is if im really sad/mad or feel like crying or even when i did cry i would smile i would force myself to smile  because that showd me that theres no reason to get upset or mad thats why i never cry anymore or it seems like i dont care about nothing...because in the end does it matter?  no   lol   people could have the worst day ever and everything could go wrong but the next day you could be fine?   so was it worth it to waste your whole day crying hit stuff and crap like that no it wasnt  think backs to days that you were really mad and stuff you said haha doesnt that seems stupid now?    people who kill themselves is really stupid to me and i dont feel sorry for them people that talk about commiting suicide or tell me there going to i say go ahead not because im mean but because think about it first?   if oyu want to commit suicide obviosly your upset? and youve had alot of struggles   yes we get that but alot of people have thos same struggles  im one of those people that have went through alot and stuff i havnt told anyone and ive been at the suicide point
                but anyways if you want to kill yourself think about it think about all the stuff youve been through  all the life youve lived so far and all the struggles youve gotten through why kill yourself now? doesnt that seem like the biggest waste ever? ya i hate wasting time i want everything done now and my killing yourself is stupid yes i understand the whole wats the point  of life because we all end up dying int the end ya but mabye good stuff will come through your life mabye itll be good...because 98% of the time it does turn out good except for the few people that choose to stay doesnt suck you choose to hate everything and not do anything to better yourself and thats your own damn fault so get of your lazy emotional ass and do something productive....  so anyways if youve lived this much life yuo might as will live for longer and see whats your life turns into ive known alot of people that have killed themselves and that hve died from there own fault and i think there stupid and i dont think or care about them now becasue most kill themselves because they think no one cares and they say "theyl care once im gone" ya mabye for a couple months but life moves is that worth it no   and ive never cried at one funeral   so anyways just think about your life shit happens but shit also changes so you might be sad today but itll get better i promise lol

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

o yes!

i have skype and oovoo  so add me if you want
        both accounts are nickotine17

the old days childhood post

well i said i would post about this haha
   i miss the old days  its not like that anymore and  ive moved on but it was the best part of my life ever

        well larry and leonard who are twins that live on my street walked down the street when we were tiny kids and from that day weve been best freinds..weve done everything together everyday..i remeber wed be over eachother houses everyday
                playing pokemon, cars, war, you name it haha
        we rode bikes all the time always built ramps and coarses
me and larry have done more though weve bmx skated,dated the same girls, cops, smoked, basketball, soccer, baseball, cards, scooter quad, built stuff, video games  anything weve done it
          it was deffinatly an adeventure everyday then we started to get older and real relationships came into play..more freinds started coming and going messing up stuff...then stuff changed larry is gone everyday, doest do anything always with mary rose...leonard sis at home all day...i have ibs so i dont want to go anywere   and i dont hang out with anyone else   so its gone its time for more jobs, relationships, college, and time to mature i guess ..

                  alright well bye i guess lol

i miss skating

yea for some reason ive been thinkin about skating latley..all the stuff i could do and what i want to do..i got on a board a couple days ago and did a simple kickflip it was sketchy so i felt bad...about how good i was then i just stopped skating its been along time since i sure if i got a board it would only take me a day before i got all my tricks back, so that would be fine but ledges stairs any of that crap idk....ollies off on ledges and some small steps sets should be ok mabye some 180s..but anything bigger i dont think so..i think ive havnt gone big for so long i think i would be to scared now after i broke my knee..i wanna skate clippard but its been awhile the biggest ive gone was a 7 set wich i kickflipped and broke my knee so i dont skate anymore ...and since when i bought a new deck i kickflipped a loading dock and snapped my deck and only had it for a week i stopped skating...  i can get a new board but idk if i want to skate because even if i do whats the point its not like im gonna go anywere, i prob wont even go to clippard to far..and everything around us ive already done..and aint worth going big off of becasue its so sketch and its garanteed to get hurt on...
oc steps cracked missshappen and pebbles all over the landing,  
oc tables-wobbly cracks narrow.
hope-slanted, cracks, downhill slant landing.
hope loading steps-cracks, 5 steps but last step is slated outward.
hope church steps-angle roll up, shifty ollie narrow landing
corpus christy steps-cracks, no roll up
taylor-slanted cracked roll up, steep steps cracked downhill landing, narrow creek on both sides
iga loading dock-complete crap, hard landing slanted and crap everywere
jane hoop-contruction, stupid ramp, little steps sets/ stupid cracks steps
beavis- cracks roll up and landing, hard ground
mt.healthy 8/12- unesscary biggness
funeral home set-bad location
we have more little crap around us but its all bad  and im not willing to travel

 im better flatground anyways
    flip tricks
 ollie-switch, fakie,nollie
180 bs-switch,fakie,nollie
180 fs-switch,fakie,nollie
360 fakie and nollie----     not switch
shuv bs-switch,fakie,nollie
shuv fs-switch,fakie,nollie
360 shuv -fakie, nollie----not switch
varial flip-switch,fakie,nollie
varial heel-fakie,nollie----not switch
big spin fs/bs- fakie, nollie----not switch
bs flip-fakie----not switch or nollie
fs flip- fakie---not switch or nollie
big flip-fakie---not switch or nollie
360 flip-fakie--not switch or nollie
 twisted flip-fakie--not switch or nollie
                  grab tricks

nose grab
hand shuvit
hand 180

               grind tricks


           theres other stupid crap i can do ona skateboard but o well haha
i can do manuals to fliptricks out, bonless, no comply other stupid crap but owell

               have any questions just ask


Monday, February 14, 2011

life update (feb 14)

well today is valentines day... haha so anyways things have changed a bit lol i saw kitty on friday and was fun on friday we hung out at night we did some fun stuff but it was freezing cold lol, and there wa ice everywere so we fell alot because we were riding bikes lol on purpose though because its fun lol then we went into leaonards house to hang out for awhile and do stuff lol witch was fun lol....then on saturday we hung out all day and did pretty much the same thing lol i loved it so im going to try to see her more now.

hm i havnet really painted on vs in awhile wich isnt good at all because im not trying to get kicked out of sbk or forgotten so hopefully i get some motovation or collabs soon....kitty work on some shit for me lol  

 not much to say really...o well bye

Monday, January 31, 2011

life update (jan 31)

yes so last friday i decided that it was time and that i missed her to much that i got the balls to go see kitty so i drove over there and we hung out for awhile at her gmas it was good to see her again i miss it more now though i will try to see her more now.. 
   well i hung with leonard saturday and we hung out all day and we got bored around 10 at night so we had a liter haha and you knows guys and fire.. so we set fire to paper and boxes in the front yard that last about 20 minutes hha then we decide to go throw stuff in the fire pit so we got stick paper and cardboard and burnit and  kept adding then we got to curious and threw in a old areosal can it didnt explode so we threw in a can of glad and after 20 minute a huge boom and fire went everywere it was really cool so we got 3 more cans haha and out of those only 1 more exploded and then i threw in the liter haha ya so we get pretty bored... i dont really have much to talk about though im thinking about getting xbox live again but i still want to wait for kitty but i dont think its gonna happen...o well ill wait awhile longer

I MISS IT! do you?..

 do you guys remeber toonami on cartoon network? when i was younger that is what i lived for it was so cool cartoons nowadays are to kid freindly..i liked the old fighting shows   like
dragonball z
yu yu hakisho
  you know shows like that those were the best and the other thing i miss about it is's  cartoon orbit  it was like you had a page and there were little cartoon characters that you could put on your page and you could auction them and trade and look at others.  i used to do it all the time as a kid   and dragon ballz ones were the rarest among the community everyone wanted them and i was one of the people who had alot of dragonballz characters....then they shut it down..=( 
            so last night i was bored and i typed it in on youtube to see what would come up and there was a video called do you miss cartoon orbit? so i clicked on it and it gave me a link to a site callled and me and kitty signed up just for the hell of it to bring back old memories it is like it alittle like they have all the old charaters and then some but there are some diffrences    idk childhood...the good days.. for most people =/  mabye my next post will be about my childhood 

hmm ehh ugh (ibs post)

well today we have all school mass and we have to wear dress shirt and ties witch i hate already because it gets really hot in the gym...  and the other bad thing is i woke up this morning and my stomach was hurting....i was like seriously?  on the days i actually have to do things is the days you want to do i could be sitting at home it would hurt for a little off and on...but thats no problem i can distract myslef and go to the bathroom if needed but the pleasure of knowing i dont have to go or do anythings helps alot...but i will half to go to something church, party, family, school you name it and my stomach will just kill me...
      my stomach is different then other peoples stomach for many reasons .. such as my stomach doesnt warn  like if normal people have to use the bathroom there stomach will let them know ahead of time give you a stomach will not do anything itll just stay there so youll think your fine then you leave and soon as your leaving youll have to use the bathroom right now... i hate that shit.. what i eat doesnt really affect me much i can eat a bunch and not have my stomach hurt from it...but it will hurt from ibs and no reason at all...i wish it would stop because idk what pleasure my stomach gets from doing this to me but i really see no reason in it should stop..   i hope it goes away though becuase i cant live with this shit forever because i got shit to do in the future...

 there is no fighting my stomach either and there is no holding in..last time i tried to fight my stomach it was very bad =( it killed me so after that i just make sure not to fight it   and i always try to stay near a bathroom