Friday, May 20, 2011


Need more friends with wings
All the angels I know
Put concrete in my veins
I’d always walk home alone
So I became lifeless
Just like my telephone

well kitty is gone and im lonely i cant talk to her becasue her phone is stupid..
ive been doing nothing lately i feel like were broken up and were just friends akwardly talkin to eachother becasue we feel like we have to...i hate that feeling   i dont want that feeling ...agin

well well i hope she gets back soon she probly forgot about the dbz toons o well...

im gettin money selling rims on saturday for $200
and my mom owes me 5
and pablo owes me 5  becasue i beat him in skate

stuff news has arose that will most likely mess all my freinds up but when that time comes i guess well figure something out

but i talked with everyone yesterday  larry, kyle, pablo, dom, leonard and were all getting mthg tatted on us somewere..itll be nice 

idk what to talk about? i really dont have anything my phone is silent..and i dont have freinds

but anyways i guess ill just wait till kitty gets back soon =/ i miss you and i love you so much bye


  1. i miss you and i love you so much too :( and no i didnt forget baby i'm still gonna try my best to get them for you
    and i dont have friends either baby, at least you have yours and right up the least you have them...if you were the one out of town the only person i would have is my sister and you we dont get along...and i really hope you keep your friends despite the "news" because they are really great to you and you all get along so well :(

    and i wish you didnt feel like that...and when was the first time :( u said again?

  2. Thats soo cutee^.^ Asberry+Nick loveeeee! heheheeh