Thursday, May 12, 2011

life update

well i started skating again and after two days i beat kyle and tim and pablo and larry at skate haha i got all my tricks back and some new ones lol   except i feel like i got jumped im hella bruised haha

and anyways about the motorcycle i want the ninja 650r ill be waiting until i get my motorcycle liscence but until that time ill be getting a derbi gpr 50   witch is only in europe there rare in the us but i think i might try to get one shiped here thatll be alot of money though or maybe ill find one craigslist haha
they look like this

that black one is the body version
this orange one is the nude version

im pretty sure ill be gettin the body version but its easy to switch it to nude just take plates and fenders off lol
i can also paint it i might cuz i kinda want to make it the colors of my bmx custom black and gold   so ill paint the bars bright gold and have the fenders and body black
itll look pretty legit also two seater for my girl and hopefully she can find some way to get one thatd be awesome   well ya thats prety much it so bye comment please

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