Tuesday, May 10, 2011

terrible day is going ok

well i was planning on it being a really terrible day but so far its been pretty good hopefully itll stay on that track :/   well anyways things that would of made it bad is  i was planning on being really sick today but the days not over and these arent usually when my sickness starts i can kinda feel it ehh.. and i had 2 math tests today witch i though i was going to do bad on but turns out i only got 3 wrong on the big test and i got a 7 out of 7 on the other...so thats good and no homework =)   and now im in media lit  blah...next is religion witch i hope i dont have any surprises there i think were just watchin feild of dreams for the millionth time
and then history...witch im pretty sure we have a test in :( witch will be bad considering i need this one to pass   well anyways not much has happened recently ive gotten more into motorcycles again ive always been interested but now im thinkin again    and i skate again! >:( i cant stop i can only stop for a little bit...
cuz i got home and kyle, pablo, larry, leonard and dom was there larry was washin his car while we skated in the street and we all played skate and skated around doin diff stuff it was fun i got my flatground tricks back for the most part lol...and everybody has tattoos i just noticed haha

pablo has had some there pretty shitty hahah  he has some tats on his arm and on his chest,

kyle has 4 tats  one on his chest is the mystery logo, on left inside wrist it says make on the right inside it saves beleive so together it says make believe  and on his inner right bicep it says we will never surrender in caligrapghy cursive..

dom has 1 i think on his inner right forearm that says faith in cursive

we all gonna get our mthg tattoos at the same time though
and im gettin my indian cheif tat on my back
im not sure what all larry is gettin

haha well anyways about motorcycles im thinkin bout gettin a kawasaki ninja 650r its a pretty nice bike
i like it and know alot about it cuz one of my fav youtubers called m13  (mordeath13)  has it and does vlogs while riding

 thats what it looks like haha well im gonna check for homework and take a piss so bye guys and hello to my new followers comment!  


  1. lol wow thanks you told me you were working on a planter for your mom all day but you were skating...coool. >:/

    i'm glad your not sick and good job on your tests :)

  2. love your layout :-) like the pic too. cute. he he you go out to skate and not to see her? hmmm. :-)

    good job on the test hunbun. you are a smart boy :-) glad your day goes better :-)

    love, agota <3