Monday, November 22, 2010

random (mordeth13)

i dont know if any of you are interested but there is a guy on youtube named mordeth13  or m13  he is a guy that rides is motorcycle around taiwan vlogging about random stuff it actually pretty interesting because the stuff he talks about are real and funny plus you get to explore taiwan through his eyes and see whats the culture like over there witch i like alot. so if you guys want to check it out type in mordeth13 on youtube and watch his vids...also hes a gamer lol and a raver and stuff like that haha so ya go watch it its pretty cool

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a young designer

well i have good news...i dont like to brag...but i do sometimes not on purpose lol
  but anyways i was started in a photoshop class were i learned about everything u can do in photoshop..then i was in a computer animation, graphic design class. and now im in a computer achitecture and 3d modeling class.. in my 3d modeling class are asignment was to make a room well i made a whole house   3 floors a pool on the deck a working garage door, a porsche and the whole house is tectured inside and out making it look realistic..the teacher loved it so. me, tommy, and mark decided to make a game a zombie apocolypse game so now we got a liscence to have the program for free at our house because were presidents of the club and were making are own game so once we finish the game we can sell it to be a real game so ill keep putting up details later lol see ya ask me if you have in questions

Thursday, November 18, 2010

a typical vandal..

well you all know i love graffiti,  but most people just see it as plain vandilism well if you see a bright colorful peice of art on the side of a abondoned building dont just turn in digust actually take to the time to observe it, imagine the techinque the movement of the letters the variations of colors.   mabye think deeper try to think of a meaning how that person was feeling.. mabye that person has problems mabye there suffereing from addictions, mabye there family has problems the people that do graffiti arent just dirty poor kids who steal paint and go out just to destroy peoples property..actually believe it or not nowadys it not poor kids at all, its actually middle class kids in the suburbs that get tired of the same old routine everyday and want to stand out get noticed..
but im getting off topic of why i started this post.. lol  well there is a blog called queen city discoveries and i look at it often it college kids that go around and take pictures of old historic abandoned buildings and make findings that normal everyday people wouldnt even imagine was there. and i love it i love to feeling of going into somewere that no one has people for years and finding things that no one new about..
 i like exploring i like getting to places that no one would think about.
  when i see graffiti i see it as beutiful peices of art. a free musuem. the people that took the time to paint that had the same amount of passion in there work as famous works of art that you find in musuems

now i will admit that not all graffiti is good there are people that are refered to as "toys" witch is kids that understand nothing at all about graffiti and just find a can of paint in there shed and go out and paint on anything they damn well really does upset me lol  example if you go out and spray paint you name in jagged block letters on a fence in someone backyard..heres a hint   if i see you do that you better run cuz i will beat you and cross you.. and dont think im mean  cuz if anything writers that knows a thing or two about anything sees you i can garantee will do the same so be careful on what you do. 
TIPS FOR NEW WRITERS: well if you are interested in starting graffiti i understand you have to start somewere and if you dont want a paint can cracking your skull and then swallowing paint then i suggest you read this.  
   i once started it out to but i made sure i studied up on what everything was. i practiced on paper for years. and when it came time for me to get balls to actually go out and paint i played it safe i stuck in places that i knew no one would have a problem with.
 such as walls in woods and sewer drains places that no one would care (practice walls) to get you style down
 after a couple years of practicing you move out  to walls and what not
if you are intersted just comment and ask me anything you wanna know

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

random things

so im in my life skills class we do nothing but im failing it so we do haha, i just dont ...anyways the kid next to me got his keys changed around on his keyboard and the top row of keys says gofuckpenis hahah got me weak....anyways

i play videos games alot lol  i mostly play modern warfare 2. im ok i guess i good be better lol
i like playing forza 2 alot its a racing game and you can make your own cars and me and tommy are making a drift team on there   if anyone wants to be cool go get a used copy of forza2 it only costs 5 dollars lol (xbox360) my gamertag is NiCk0t1ne  i play gta 4 online cuz thats always fun 

well ya so i just looked at kittys blog about how a model thing came to her school and said they like her...funny how the day before i said why dont you model you should model anyways lol
      ya i made that happen lol

i miss my gma =(  shes not dead or anything i just havnt seen her in forever it feels like i guess ill see her on thanksgiving

i love kitty haha shes amazing but you guys already no that. 

no one reads my blog or comments me...i am unloved =( lol o well so anyways im not sure wat to talk about i guess ill post later see ya

Friday, November 5, 2010


well i guess myself is not the only thing i should talk about lol
ill talk about experiences to 

so one time not long ago me and frein tommy were thinking of something to was friday and we had all night his dad was out of town so he didnt have to wory about anything.   one of our freinds had a scheduled fight against some kid and alot of people were gonna meet up at the park to watch it so our plan was to go there...
so when we got there we were the only ones there so waited, then 3 of are other friends showed up and we started calling around and found out the fight was canceled so after alittle drifting in the parking lot we decided to leave...

later we were just sittin at his house and we were trying to think of something else to do so we thought..."lick road" i said,... lick road is supposedly a haunted road because one point in time a guy killed his girlfreind there and they say if you go down the long road back in the forest at night and face the field and turn off your car..blink your head light 3 times and wait..your windows are supposed to fog up and the word help is written on your window and sometimes the name amy will appear on the sign and people have said theyhead a girls scream and saw a ghost of a girl walkin through the feild..

back to the story we were driving toward lick road when we decided to ask other people to go with us when we called them they were at the park were the fight was supposed to happen and there was alot of people there.  me, tommy, zack, rasche, wehman, shaun, buer, joey, and a couple other people so we all agreed to go to lick road, before we left we all drifted around the parking lot. it was really dark now and we were driving through widing backroads at high speeds witch is not safe at all and we almost hit a deer. when we got to the road we all came in and we waited for a minute and what looked like a cop came down behind all of us so we all drove away.  it was (citezins on patrol..) ya so me and tommy said screw it were gonna go back  but no one else wanted to go with us so we decided us to will only do it..we were making jokes to eachother liked what would you do if your car messed up or died or something just to be funny.  when we got to the road we sat a minute and everything was completly silent and all we could see is black feild....
he blinked his lights 3 times and we waited  (we were both scared..) lol  so after a minute the windows started to fog up we looked at eachoher scared and we looked nervously outside for any movement then i look at the windsheild and saw a hand print on the outside of the car so we started screamin and started driven away really fast we were still on the road and his check engine light came on and his car started dying and it wouldnt shift out of 2nd gear so we were so scared bo car was on the road anywere back home. his car almost didnt make it all the way home but the scareiest part was that the check engine light went off right when we got off the road...
and the one of the hand prints was a small childs hand print witch was also weird..

weve both decided not to go back to the road again lol
so yes we were scared and we look back on it and laugh now but at the time it was terrifying.. lol  more experinces soon =)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


well i guess ill tell you guys about me so you get were im coming from lol
well im 17
ive been through alot in my life
ive expeirenced things that other people probly havnt
but im not bragging, there all regrets and in the past
ive done hard drugs, ive drank alot, ive smoked alot, i played people/sex/used
ive jumped/stabbed/done some things that im not going to say
i had relationships that i probly was to young to have my longest was 4 years
ive had more than 100 girlfreinds and i can name them all (im sorry)
ive done alot of illegal things alot of vandalism, stealing
im not proud of any of these things i wish i had never done them and if i could go back and change it i would
but i know life doesnt work like that so i have moved on and started new again
the freinds i grew up around arent around anymore..they changed, some died, other left and ive chosen to leave the people that were still doin those bad things so i dont have alot of freinds anymore
im ok with that because im not into the whole drama thing
i dont talk to girls anymore because i dont want any problems i have found the girl i love and its going to stay that way.

well now that you no bad stuff let me tell you good stuff haha
im a good person, im very nice ill talk to you if your not acting weird or flirting
i love music ive been around it along time
ive been in multiple bands lol
i play drums (9 years)
i start and stop learnin guitar but i can play haha
i can play piano a bit
i can sing/scream alittle hah
i like to write songs
ive won music awards

my favorite music went from rap when i was younger
then to metal
then to screamo/metalcore
then techno/nintendocore/trance/rave
lol so i liked alot of different music and now i listen to whatever except country and shit lol

i dont have a favorite band or color
im 5"10
i play sports
i have alot of trophies
(list of what ive played in my life)
so pretty much i can play whatever haha
im really athletic i like to stay in shape i hate fat people (but only if your lazy and fat)

i love art
im good at graffiti
(not toy shit)
ill post pics in the future
i like to draw differnt things that come to my head
i like to do graffit murals/characters

i like cars
(ya such a guy right?) lol
but anyways i love streetracing/drifting
i love offroad rally racing
my fav car is a 2002 mazda rx7
i will try to race/drift anything though hahah
i have a subaru forester
ford f150
and jeep wrangler
all custom shit

cars ive driven
ford 150 2 different ones
lol and ive driven all of these without a liscense =O lol o well

anyways if you want to know more about me dont be scared to ask me questions lol
just comment me or sumthin lol
cuz i could go all day haha

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


recovering from 4 years of depression a terrible time that i cant completley explain and all the things that came along with it.   after i decided to end it and get clean of everything that caused problems in my life, it just kept getting worse i felt as if there was no escape. a demon was upon me and i tried every way to get away from it drugs, alchohol, fighting, suicide.. i didnt want this anymore i took a long hard look at myself and relized everything that i was doing to myslef and relized were my life was going and wered ide probly end up

     my grades had never been good but there was a point that i never did anything i had all failing grades and i fought my parent and had to fight off thoughts of suicide everyday i felt there was no point,   really if everyone just takes a minute and thinks about it...  why are we put here? is there a reason?   your brought into this world with no choice your some are born with ablilities that are greater than others. some more smart, prettier, more athletic, more artistic...some have mental disibilites or handicapped   so were brought into this life and were born with obstacles to face you have no choices for the first 18 years of your life you follow the rules that are put infront of you wether you like it or not....problems are constantly thrown at you and you have to figure out how to solve them some are complicated problems others simplier   if you cant figure out your problems or have a harder time doing things you have consquences that you have to face  and after so long of this cycle you get tired of it and you start to rebel and you feel like there is no meaning no point to do anything..   your brought into this world without choice your constaly given obstacles and theres nothing you can do about it you have to follow rules even if you dont want to your forced into a school that your perents feel is best for you, and have papers and tasks thrown in your face everyday with the addition of kids that tease and bully once you pass school you look for a job? for what though you have to do the same thing everyday make money and then you do that and guess what comes out of all this once your finaly done? nothing...nothing at all just death thats your gift after going through life struggling and trying your best in nothing  i relized this early and just thought do i really want to continue life even though i no everyday is going to be a constant struggle.     i just didnt want this ..

finally i just said to myself that the world doesnt care about me it cares about its self, you have to follow the rules theres no escape so get used to it and step in line with all the other people you have no choice in life.  
i get mad when people complain about life and say there going to kill themselves now because i relize how idiotic it is,   it a pure sign of being a weak pussy and person that gives up at the first sign of chellenge.  pick urslef up and do it it until you get it right.

i leaned this and now im completley clean i do no drugs i dont drink i dont party i dont do illegal things i dont play people just to get forward i dont think about suicide i take every problems thrown my way and work it out the best i can. if your someone that will try to hold me back or slow me down then i will leave you and youll e nothing to me.  you cant feel sorry for urself if someone dies, its over there dead and theres no bringing them back so life doesnt stop for you it keeps going,

im not going to stop in my life until i finally reach where ever im destined to go in life whether thats is a rich man, a poor man. if death is around me if problems are thrown at me it doesnt matter because i know that i have lived my life the best i can and life didnt get the best of me and that i won the fight against life.

Monday, November 1, 2010

im back with a new account

yes its me again but im starting a different account and im going to start blogging more often and actually writing more so more posts, pictures and stuff coming soon =)