Tuesday, May 24, 2011

on days lol

well i played kyle in skate yesterday 4 times
the first time we got off to a slow start and it was really hot
but i beat him
then we went back outside after it cooled off
then i beat him again
then we played again and this is the game we both wen hard on

lets see
fakie tres
nollie tres
double flips
fakie 360 shuv
nollie flip
fakie frontside flip
backside flip
switch backside 180
frontside flip
fakie varial heel
we went hard but i beat him

then the fourth time we played we didnt get to finish lol cuz we went home lol

looks like i got my tricks back and some
well  anyways tornadoes and bad storms last night
and suppose to be this night to maybe all this week idk lol

o well as long as it doesnt kill or tear my shit up lol
all i brought downstairs yesterday was my laptop and my beanie lol
important things ya know lol
o well my money making chances r pissin me off shit is not going to plan...
itll happen cuz ill make it happen
idk what to talk about lol so bye i guess

well wats the point of having followers if you dont comment ?
if your following me then gtfo if your not going to comment

Friday, May 20, 2011


Need more friends with wings
All the angels I know
Put concrete in my veins
I’d always walk home alone
So I became lifeless
Just like my telephone

well kitty is gone and im lonely i cant talk to her becasue her phone is stupid..
ive been doing nothing lately i feel like were broken up and were just friends akwardly talkin to eachother becasue we feel like we have to...i hate that feeling   i dont want that feeling ...agin

well well i hope she gets back soon she probly forgot about the dbz toons o well...

im gettin money selling rims on saturday for $200
and my mom owes me 5
and pablo owes me 5  becasue i beat him in skate

stuff news has arose that will most likely mess all my freinds up but when that time comes i guess well figure something out

but i talked with everyone yesterday  larry, kyle, pablo, dom, leonard and were all getting mthg tatted on us somewere..itll be nice 

idk what to talk about? i really dont have anything my phone is silent..and i dont have freinds

but anyways i guess ill just wait till kitty gets back soon =/ i miss you and i love you so much bye

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

update wensday

well things arent going to plan lately haha
ill prob start getting mad pretty soon...
well that damn derbi gpr 50cc i want is way to hard to find here there limits to
like i have to buy it witch means im not paying thousands...and the only one that it looks like would be good is this dude in virginia hes selling one for 700 but thing is there no contact info so i cant talk to him ugh
but my backup plan is finding a nice honda ruckus i guess but ide rather have something bigger and sportier looking faster but i guess if i got one of those and upgrade the hell out of it i could make it look cool hmm well see
   im trying to find someone that will help me with my search lol  no luck   someone have and old mopeds or engines or stuff i can have to sell lol prob not =/  lol      well anyways kitty left today damn   

hmm i might have to go back to the life of crime make the big dollars to get wat i want but i dont nessicarly want to do that but i cant think of any other way cuz i really dont have shit to sell ...hm i have truck/jeep rims to sell i might be able to get 200 or 150 for them ehh   i have a big tv if kitty dont want it i might be able to get 50 to 80 out of it lol   i have a nice camera mabye 700 to 1000 for it thtd be really good... i cant take that big guitar amp from larry i might get 50 to 80 out of that

i just did almost accurate for what i would sell them for    
rims=$ 200

so not bad but hopefully i can get that much for that stuff prob not tho   so i need more stuff to sell
i can sell my modded xbox for like 40 or 50     idk help!! please   lol

Thursday, May 12, 2011

life update

well i started skating again and after two days i beat kyle and tim and pablo and larry at skate haha i got all my tricks back and some new ones lol   except i feel like i got jumped im hella bruised haha

and anyways about the motorcycle i want the ninja 650r ill be waiting until i get my motorcycle liscence but until that time ill be getting a derbi gpr 50   witch is only in europe there rare in the us but i think i might try to get one shiped here thatll be alot of money though or maybe ill find one craigslist haha
they look like this

that black one is the body version
this orange one is the nude version

im pretty sure ill be gettin the body version but its easy to switch it to nude just take plates and fenders off lol
i can also paint it i might cuz i kinda want to make it the colors of my bmx custom black and gold   so ill paint the bars bright gold and have the fenders and body black
itll look pretty legit also two seater for my girl and hopefully she can find some way to get one thatd be awesome   well ya thats prety much it so bye comment please

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

terrible day is going ok

well i was planning on it being a really terrible day but so far its been pretty good hopefully itll stay on that track :/   well anyways things that would of made it bad is  i was planning on being really sick today but the days not over and these arent usually when my sickness starts i can kinda feel it ehh.. and i had 2 math tests today witch i though i was going to do bad on but turns out i only got 3 wrong on the big test and i got a 7 out of 7 on the other...so thats good and no homework =)   and now im in media lit  blah...next is religion witch i hope i dont have any surprises there i think were just watchin feild of dreams for the millionth time
and then history...witch im pretty sure we have a test in :( witch will be bad considering i need this one to pass   well anyways not much has happened recently ive gotten more into motorcycles again ive always been interested but now im thinkin again    and i skate again! >:( i cant stop i can only stop for a little bit...
cuz i got home and kyle, pablo, larry, leonard and dom was there larry was washin his car while we skated in the street and we all played skate and skated around doin diff stuff it was fun i got my flatground tricks back for the most part lol...and everybody has tattoos i just noticed haha

pablo has had some there pretty shitty hahah  he has some tats on his arm and on his chest,

kyle has 4 tats  one on his chest is the mystery logo, on left inside wrist it says make on the right inside it saves beleive so together it says make believe  and on his inner right bicep it says we will never surrender in caligrapghy cursive..

dom has 1 i think on his inner right forearm that says faith in cursive

we all gonna get our mthg tattoos at the same time though
and im gettin my indian cheif tat on my back
im not sure what all larry is gettin

haha well anyways about motorcycles im thinkin bout gettin a kawasaki ninja 650r its a pretty nice bike
i like it and know alot about it cuz one of my fav youtubers called m13  (mordeath13)  has it and does vlogs while riding

 thats what it looks like haha well im gonna check for homework and take a piss so bye guys and hello to my new followers comment!  

Friday, May 6, 2011


to be honest kitty is making me kinda mad...i dont really care if anyone reads this and says wow your a dick no im a realist i know how life works i know hows situations turn out im almost always right and kitty knows that but for some reasons she doesnt do stuff and then she gets upset when something happens.
ok well kitty is upset about her artwork getting ruined ok yes i =de be sad to ...would i cry like she did..no ide be mad though but only for a hour or 2 then get over it because just your paints and drawing got ruined your abilty to paint and draw didnt go away to so your can do better peices and you can try to use this to your advantage try to think about ruin and make art of of it like disaster like rubble of mixed black lines and dark colors and out of those colors starts forming shapes and artwork gradually getting brighter  and it can represent something like you lowest point and digging yourself out but stronger  and it might just be your best peice of art or it can be a nice peice of art becasue it can represetn a dark time in your life that you workd through and it can motivate you when ever your feeling down..

 the reason im mad though is becasue in her post she said no one was there and she hated everything and nothing was good and she didnt say anything about me...   so she kinda left out the part that i called her and made her feel better that best i could andgot her laughing and talking normal and telling her that everything is fine and it is...so i guess that didnt matter  ........ok she hates everything? really ? then what am i doing here?
nothing is good? what about all those things we do/talk/make together the time we just saw eachother
i guess those mean nothing to you..

 another reason is that even though her dream is to go to art school ...im a realist i know how this works now so im being honest not mean so you can suck my dick
if you go to art school witch is hard to get into anyways then you have to be really good...yes kitty is really good but if you want to graduate art school and become an artist then no...becasue your chances of becoming an artist that actually makes money are very slim you have to be amazing nowadays
and since the economys bad no one is really hiring artist becasue they can do it themselves to save money

so it wasnt a good idea in the first place but to replace that college idea i gave her this one
since she is so good at editing photoshop codes and stuff
i told her to go in for photo imaging/editing and websites desing codes and through that she has more opertunities and she can do art to...itll work better in the long run  

and to be honest she could become a therapist just an idea

i love you kitty but you cant give up on things just cuz there was a minor setback
and this is minor its just painting and drawing you can do more better ones you an creative artist with amazing potential and you dont believe in yourself you dont think you can do better when you really can
im not telling you,you cant do these things in this post im telling you better ideas that will help you in long run trust me im always right ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

hipster? im so dirty!

ya im so hipster i deleted my facebook becasue it was to mainstream
i dont walk because its to mainstream i moonwalk
i dont get into the ocean becasue its to current
i shop at junk yards becasue new stuff is to new
but then again its been used so that means i cant

i listen to music but youve never heard of it
im so underground my best freinds are looney tunes charcters

dude everything thing i just said is so sick man its nasty dirty sick nasty ugly
dirtier than unwashed undies
you no what else is dirty dubstep omg is so nasty

i like the part of dubstep when it goes whomp whomp whomp whomp bass drop whomp whomp whomp.........

o wait that how every dubstep so goes o well its dirty  i guess good music that actually makes sense is to mainstreeam     

see how dumb that sounds?   whats the point of it? what is hipster? what is anything lol how bout people god didnt make groups and genres he made people? so why change what has already been put in place
all these natural desatasers are probly happening becasue were changing up all his shit and hes pissed lol

and emo? wtf so your emotional because thats the root meaning and so in that case everyone is emo becasue everyone has emotions good jobs for making a genre of nothing lol
so you have emotions ?  ok everyones emo but you were makeup and dye you hair and do all these things and you can make your own genre?    ok sweet im going to make my own genre hmm let me do some thinkin and ill make my own genre and then i can be cool like all these kids haha 

Monday, May 2, 2011

hey life update hm not much happened recently i did alot of work to my house haha jeez.
rapping beens pissin me off lately ive been havin a hard time again i might get it back
and not much lately havnt seen kitty still ina while one of these days haha
well friday i got sick ugh i hate gettin sick especcialy at school
kittys sick today =(  poor baby hope your ok boo love you i kinda feel sick to hopefully i can make it till i get home without gettin sick again...i mean really stomach youve made it through the whole year and you only hurt a couple times now theres like 5 weeks left and you givin it to me blah please stop
bu i set myself up for destruction on friday and today

on friday i didnt eat breakfast but at lunch i ate pb&j, flamin hot cheetos, chocolate cookies a chicken sandwich drenched in hot sauce and some baked doritos and some nasty ass apple juice so by the end of the day my stomach was gicin it to me....
and yesterday i ate garbage then for dinner my mom brought me taco bell   2 valcano tacos and 1 soft taco with root beer then they left to go to dinner and i had this tai pen sweet and sor chicken box and i ate that
then when my rents got back they brought ribs from montgomery in and some cookies blah 
and then this morning i ate 3 pancakes ugh  so im waiting for it cuz my stomach started hurtin last night but i really dont want it to i hope it can wait till i get home cuz i just want to make it through school then it can go ham at home if i wants lol  

well someone on here said that i should put pictures up well thing is im not a picture taker. and im not a big blog person i get on here only in this class no other time so i dont take pictures of everything i do like some people and im to lazy to make my blog all colorful pictures everywere and and banners and links and shit so ya..