Wednesday, May 18, 2011

update wensday

well things arent going to plan lately haha
ill prob start getting mad pretty soon...
well that damn derbi gpr 50cc i want is way to hard to find here there limits to
like i have to buy it witch means im not paying thousands...and the only one that it looks like would be good is this dude in virginia hes selling one for 700 but thing is there no contact info so i cant talk to him ugh
but my backup plan is finding a nice honda ruckus i guess but ide rather have something bigger and sportier looking faster but i guess if i got one of those and upgrade the hell out of it i could make it look cool hmm well see
   im trying to find someone that will help me with my search lol  no luck   someone have and old mopeds or engines or stuff i can have to sell lol prob not =/  lol      well anyways kitty left today damn   

hmm i might have to go back to the life of crime make the big dollars to get wat i want but i dont nessicarly want to do that but i cant think of any other way cuz i really dont have shit to sell i have truck/jeep rims to sell i might be able to get 200 or 150 for them ehh   i have a big tv if kitty dont want it i might be able to get 50 to 80 out of it lol   i have a nice camera mabye 700 to 1000 for it thtd be really good... i cant take that big guitar amp from larry i might get 50 to 80 out of that

i just did almost accurate for what i would sell them for    
rims=$ 200

so not bad but hopefully i can get that much for that stuff prob not tho   so i need more stuff to sell
i can sell my modded xbox for like 40 or 50     idk help!! please   lol

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