Thursday, April 28, 2011


ya well im hella bored, its cold and i gotta take a piss...
im workin on my forth song kitty
her songs so far
sex rap lol
forever in love
beautiful memories
and im in the making of a new one

well anyways i wish ide get more followers cuz that be pretty cool haha
so read my nonsense!!

i wanna f
i miss that and i no you do to haha
so wen we see eachother ya know
we can um get right on that

so we go to the mall on friday so i can buy you that stuff
i dont remeber what all you wanted
new gauges?  um shirts? go to wet seal? and macys/ jcpennys?  lol
i dont really wanna chill there though we can go and get the stuff but then i want to leave
we can go eat somewere
mabye applebees? have a nice dinner together? lol
then we can go to greaters to get icecream or the goody shop witch ever you prefer lol

anyways i never know what to talk about anymore
i can talk about my music well
ive been in alot bands and stuff rock/metal/screamo/ you name it lol
ive made music for a hardcore techno band i was in lol
and then i expiremented with rap around 8th grade but i got into it in 9th and the beginning of 10th
and had a rap group called ohigho boyz for obvious reasons haha (get high)
but then stopped and started again around the end of 11th grade
now i got my flow back and im gettin good again
so i can pretty much rap whatever words are always flowin in my mind nowadays haha

like here il do a freestyle right now

im sittin in this room with all these old ass computers
i really miss here and really wanna do her
i am freiza so i hope i do not get cooler
the distance between me and you
cant be measured
cuz miles arent on rulers
i still need to piss cuz
i still havnet gone
my dick hurts
but thats probly cuz its so long

well i gotta piss so im stopping bye haha

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

life update and what not

hah hey im bored i just forgot my sign in stuff so i spent like 5 mnutes trying to remeber what it was lol....
anyways um new stuff um everything pretty much going the same  except i record my own music now  (rap) ill show you guys sometime   um im on the computer alot   i have my own in room studio lol it pretty ghetto right now but it works good  but soon im going to make an actual sound proof room in my garage

 we sold our subaru forester to get  2011 subaru outback lol its pretty legit for a (wagon) 257 horsepower
140 and up mph  lol ------considering the smaller sportier forester only hit 120 top  lol  and my f150 has 300 something hp   

anyways im pretty bored all ive been thinkin about and doin is recording its pretty fun 
i have alot of rap collabs now  with artist like   gasp, reycs, jeok, jp3, kb, and some other people coming soon lol

um im gettin anxious to do larrys car haha....well he has a hand me down pontiac bonneville  and its pretty beat up but the reason why its so cool is becasue its louder than anything you can think of haha
its strictly bass the whole cars raddles and thinks break
when it rains he has to cover his car becasue his sunroof leaks and trunks leaks becasue the bass warped his car
hes started out not knowing really anything about subs and asking my freinds dad to help and he only had 2 12" subs with a small amp and then he bought some other stuff and devoted his life to learning everything about subs to know so now after buying and selling multple sets of subs and amps and batteries

   he has 2 15" kicker l7s , 3 batteries, wires everywere, and a 32" amp and with just that it warpeds, shakes snaps, sets off car alarms and makes people in the backseat throwup..  so now he has a new project
with is in progress we ripped out the back set and he bought 2 more 15" l7 to add on to the 2 he already has and he building a wall facing the front of the car in place of his back seat...and he going to carpet it and clean everything up and our freind is going to wire it for thump neons inside and im going to do custom interior and its going to look awesome but the problem is   the car is going to break in half its going to be to loud and he can only drive himself and one other person but noone is gonna wanna ride with him becasue theyll suficate becasue of how much air the subs uses and puts out........but his main goal in a year or two after everythings done hes going to enter compitions for bass ........haha

anyways i wish more people would read...  o yeah and you guys no how i stopped skating? well my freinds were over with there board and what do you know after all this time of not touchin a baord i get on it and i can still do tricks   i guess it never goes away really hahah

Thursday, April 14, 2011


i havnet posted in a while but not that that matters no one reads except aeri o well...  im bored as always..i dont know wha i feel like hungry i feel like summer were i dont have to do anything..and i better not hve no god damn summer school yall can suck my dick..

ya well anyways..i have nothing to talk about...i have no freinds lol  well i dont feel like this so bye

Monday, April 4, 2011

happy =)

well everything has been pretty good lol, ok grades hopefully i dont start slipping now...=/  ive seen kitty alot lately witch has been good im pretty bored right now...ive gotten back into paiting again and i got on collectoons again lol...ugh o well i want to drive tired of not being able bout to just go to the place and do everything so i can just drive now lol me and kitty should go together ...if she wants to lol she keeps not going...just go!! and study a little bit becasue its a waste of time to take the test if your just gonna fail it lol i learned that the hard way lol  then in 6 months youll be driving so if you get them now youll have 2 months left of school then summer and youll drive next year of school...then there you go lol so i say lets do it lol i hate the classes though but you dont have to take stupid crap since your 18 but it wouldove been  a good idea becasue it teaches you stuff and your inscurance wouldnt be so high but its to late now if you wanted to do that plus u got to get a car and idk if your dad is actually going to give you that car...hopefully cuz then you wont have to buy one to...