Monday, February 28, 2011

another post about skating

well my freinds go skate like every weekend and other days and they always get a big group of freinds and go to ollies or someplace and they come back and tell me what all they did and it makes me sad because i miss doin that i want to skate at parks and stuff but i cant ibs and my legs cant take skating anymore  
   i remebr that it didnt matter what i did if i was at a ksate park i couldnt help but skate i went to skateparks before and i learned how to ride parks and stuff and as i got old i started doin tricks there i went to outdoor then i went to sessions with freinds and i started going a little bigger then i went to dc plaza and that was it that ended my skating life it would never be the same after that day   i remeber skating around trying stuff landing almost everything how smooth the ground was i started out just riding the park going around doin fliptricks down the 3 steps and stuff just feeling the ground and how slick and it felt so good it makes me feel 10x better at skating and thats not always good  i saw the double sets and started kickflipping and 180 them i thought to myself wow i have gotten better here and i heelflipped a 5 witch i suck at heels so i was sure that i could land everything so i did all the sets i could find then there was this 7 set not that big but there was something weird about it idk what it was but it made me feel unsure and i rolled up pretty fast to it and ollied i landed but slipped out and was like its not that bad so i ollied and stomped it and rolled away it felt good and people clapped and said it was a sick ollie because i popped high and landed it gave me that much more confidence so i thought to myslef ill kickflip it so i got ready some people standing around watching and i rolled up like last time flicked and caught it i saw the ground but couldnt bring myself to land it so i kicked it away and i felt pressure on my ankles and knees from coming down so hard so i said i got to land it no matter what so i did the same i flickd again  caught it and was coming down the stomp it but as soon as my wheels touched my backfoot slipped off and touched the ground but my front foot stayed on  and kept going i did the splits kindove but my back foot went back and my knee popped and i felt a sharp pain go through  my knee i layed there a little i didnt scream or anything i just got up and it hurt to walk so i sat out and rolled around even though it hurt i coulndt skate i dont know why i could still skate after i just could the next day i bent my knee when i woke up and it hurt so much i stoff up and couldnt walk on it at all it was swollen so i stopped skating for months...and that was it for me if that hadnt happened ide be so much better because i was progressing so fast and i had so much confidence       after along period of not skating my freind asked me to go t ollies kate park with him i was unsure if i should since i hadnt skated ina long time but i decided to go even i didnt have a board he let me use and old board he had it wasnt that good but i made do...from the time i got there i started easy flatground tricks even though it hurt i still skated and i go my fliptricks bck but i couldnt do anything big i just rode the ramps, ollied the big two and 360 flipped the bank and did fliptricks off the manny pad..but when i was there i was looking at the 8 set and wanting to so bad but i couldnt...and ever since dc plaza it hurts when i skate as of now i have all my flip tricks but i cant go big no sets, gaps or ledges.  just yesterday i did the same exzact thing with a manual and my right knee hurts now so im thinking about stopping for good and try not skate even though i want to. so anyways it makes me sad hearing about all my freinds but i know i cant anymore so i have to give it up...</3 bye skateboarding

life update (feb 28)

well its monday bleh hahah we had a three day weekend because i didnt have school on friday but i hate fridays off becuase it feels like a regular weekedn because i stay out on friday all day anyways so it feels like i still went to school i like mondays of better.. anyways  ive been playing game boy advance emulator yesterday pokemon o yea old school lol...i still havnt painted really im trying to get people to sendm e collabs i try to talk to people here and there to let them no im still here lol  
               ok well kitty if your reading this before i ge out of school then the reason i said you shouldnt come over is because i thought ude be sick and your mom wont let you anyways because you didnt go to school and she might not let you go to dance so i fugured that it probly be best if you just stayed home...if you can then ya sure well work it out lol.    
          and i was drawing first bell and i got an idea for a mulitpe picture story line .. ok well my idea was key to my heart picture story...
          1st picture have me standing there
          2nd you walk up to me  and we look into eachother eyes
          3rd i take my shirt off and we put a old chest lock with the key hole over my heart?
          4th you take you hand and put it over the lock
          5th you have the key for the lock
          6th you put it in the key hole
          7th then we hold hands and looks into eachother eyes and kiss
     or something like that it would be cool we also have to have a cool backgound  or something haha idk

          well anyways i woke up this morning and i didnt feel like going to school but o well lol  hm im pretty bored theres nothing to do here its a A day so i have the crappy classes   math, media literacy, religion, history
                        not fun classes haha anyways ill post when i come up with another topic bye love you baby

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

aeribaby --- and suicide

lol well this was an unexpected post because i have alot of work to do and i didnt think i would have time to post but wth haha....anyways to kittys post about crying and smiling haha i agree with that....butone wierd think i do is if im really sad/mad or feel like crying or even when i did cry i would smile i would force myself to smile  because that showd me that theres no reason to get upset or mad thats why i never cry anymore or it seems like i dont care about nothing...because in the end does it matter?  no   lol   people could have the worst day ever and everything could go wrong but the next day you could be fine?   so was it worth it to waste your whole day crying hit stuff and crap like that no it wasnt  think backs to days that you were really mad and stuff you said haha doesnt that seems stupid now?    people who kill themselves is really stupid to me and i dont feel sorry for them people that talk about commiting suicide or tell me there going to i say go ahead not because im mean but because think about it first?   if oyu want to commit suicide obviosly your upset? and youve had alot of struggles   yes we get that but alot of people have thos same struggles  im one of those people that have went through alot and stuff i havnt told anyone and ive been at the suicide point
                but anyways if you want to kill yourself think about it think about all the stuff youve been through  all the life youve lived so far and all the struggles youve gotten through why kill yourself now? doesnt that seem like the biggest waste ever? ya i hate wasting time i want everything done now and my killing yourself is stupid yes i understand the whole wats the point  of life because we all end up dying int the end ya but mabye good stuff will come through your life mabye itll be good...because 98% of the time it does turn out good except for the few people that choose to stay doesnt suck you choose to hate everything and not do anything to better yourself and thats your own damn fault so get of your lazy emotional ass and do something productive....  so anyways if youve lived this much life yuo might as will live for longer and see whats your life turns into ive known alot of people that have killed themselves and that hve died from there own fault and i think there stupid and i dont think or care about them now becasue most kill themselves because they think no one cares and they say "theyl care once im gone" ya mabye for a couple months but life moves is that worth it no   and ive never cried at one funeral   so anyways just think about your life shit happens but shit also changes so you might be sad today but itll get better i promise lol

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

o yes!

i have skype and oovoo  so add me if you want
        both accounts are nickotine17

the old days childhood post

well i said i would post about this haha
   i miss the old days  its not like that anymore and  ive moved on but it was the best part of my life ever

        well larry and leonard who are twins that live on my street walked down the street when we were tiny kids and from that day weve been best freinds..weve done everything together everyday..i remeber wed be over eachother houses everyday
                playing pokemon, cars, war, you name it haha
        we rode bikes all the time always built ramps and coarses
me and larry have done more though weve bmx skated,dated the same girls, cops, smoked, basketball, soccer, baseball, cards, scooter quad, built stuff, video games  anything weve done it
          it was deffinatly an adeventure everyday then we started to get older and real relationships came into play..more freinds started coming and going messing up stuff...then stuff changed larry is gone everyday, doest do anything always with mary rose...leonard sis at home all day...i have ibs so i dont want to go anywere   and i dont hang out with anyone else   so its gone its time for more jobs, relationships, college, and time to mature i guess ..

                  alright well bye i guess lol

i miss skating

yea for some reason ive been thinkin about skating latley..all the stuff i could do and what i want to do..i got on a board a couple days ago and did a simple kickflip it was sketchy so i felt bad...about how good i was then i just stopped skating its been along time since i sure if i got a board it would only take me a day before i got all my tricks back, so that would be fine but ledges stairs any of that crap idk....ollies off on ledges and some small steps sets should be ok mabye some 180s..but anything bigger i dont think so..i think ive havnt gone big for so long i think i would be to scared now after i broke my knee..i wanna skate clippard but its been awhile the biggest ive gone was a 7 set wich i kickflipped and broke my knee so i dont skate anymore ...and since when i bought a new deck i kickflipped a loading dock and snapped my deck and only had it for a week i stopped skating...  i can get a new board but idk if i want to skate because even if i do whats the point its not like im gonna go anywere, i prob wont even go to clippard to far..and everything around us ive already done..and aint worth going big off of becasue its so sketch and its garanteed to get hurt on...
oc steps cracked missshappen and pebbles all over the landing,  
oc tables-wobbly cracks narrow.
hope-slanted, cracks, downhill slant landing.
hope loading steps-cracks, 5 steps but last step is slated outward.
hope church steps-angle roll up, shifty ollie narrow landing
corpus christy steps-cracks, no roll up
taylor-slanted cracked roll up, steep steps cracked downhill landing, narrow creek on both sides
iga loading dock-complete crap, hard landing slanted and crap everywere
jane hoop-contruction, stupid ramp, little steps sets/ stupid cracks steps
beavis- cracks roll up and landing, hard ground
mt.healthy 8/12- unesscary biggness
funeral home set-bad location
we have more little crap around us but its all bad  and im not willing to travel

 im better flatground anyways
    flip tricks
 ollie-switch, fakie,nollie
180 bs-switch,fakie,nollie
180 fs-switch,fakie,nollie
360 fakie and nollie----     not switch
shuv bs-switch,fakie,nollie
shuv fs-switch,fakie,nollie
360 shuv -fakie, nollie----not switch
varial flip-switch,fakie,nollie
varial heel-fakie,nollie----not switch
big spin fs/bs- fakie, nollie----not switch
bs flip-fakie----not switch or nollie
fs flip- fakie---not switch or nollie
big flip-fakie---not switch or nollie
360 flip-fakie--not switch or nollie
 twisted flip-fakie--not switch or nollie
                  grab tricks

nose grab
hand shuvit
hand 180

               grind tricks


           theres other stupid crap i can do ona skateboard but o well haha
i can do manuals to fliptricks out, bonless, no comply other stupid crap but owell

               have any questions just ask


Monday, February 14, 2011

life update (feb 14)

well today is valentines day... haha so anyways things have changed a bit lol i saw kitty on friday and was fun on friday we hung out at night we did some fun stuff but it was freezing cold lol, and there wa ice everywere so we fell alot because we were riding bikes lol on purpose though because its fun lol then we went into leaonards house to hang out for awhile and do stuff lol witch was fun lol....then on saturday we hung out all day and did pretty much the same thing lol i loved it so im going to try to see her more now.

hm i havnet really painted on vs in awhile wich isnt good at all because im not trying to get kicked out of sbk or forgotten so hopefully i get some motovation or collabs soon....kitty work on some shit for me lol  

 not much to say really...o well bye