Monday, January 31, 2011

life update (jan 31)

yes so last friday i decided that it was time and that i missed her to much that i got the balls to go see kitty so i drove over there and we hung out for awhile at her gmas it was good to see her again i miss it more now though i will try to see her more now.. 
   well i hung with leonard saturday and we hung out all day and we got bored around 10 at night so we had a liter haha and you knows guys and fire.. so we set fire to paper and boxes in the front yard that last about 20 minutes hha then we decide to go throw stuff in the fire pit so we got stick paper and cardboard and burnit and  kept adding then we got to curious and threw in a old areosal can it didnt explode so we threw in a can of glad and after 20 minute a huge boom and fire went everywere it was really cool so we got 3 more cans haha and out of those only 1 more exploded and then i threw in the liter haha ya so we get pretty bored... i dont really have much to talk about though im thinking about getting xbox live again but i still want to wait for kitty but i dont think its gonna happen...o well ill wait awhile longer

I MISS IT! do you?..

 do you guys remeber toonami on cartoon network? when i was younger that is what i lived for it was so cool cartoons nowadays are to kid freindly..i liked the old fighting shows   like
dragonball z
yu yu hakisho
  you know shows like that those were the best and the other thing i miss about it is's  cartoon orbit  it was like you had a page and there were little cartoon characters that you could put on your page and you could auction them and trade and look at others.  i used to do it all the time as a kid   and dragon ballz ones were the rarest among the community everyone wanted them and i was one of the people who had alot of dragonballz characters....then they shut it down..=( 
            so last night i was bored and i typed it in on youtube to see what would come up and there was a video called do you miss cartoon orbit? so i clicked on it and it gave me a link to a site callled and me and kitty signed up just for the hell of it to bring back old memories it is like it alittle like they have all the old charaters and then some but there are some diffrences    idk childhood...the good days.. for most people =/  mabye my next post will be about my childhood 

hmm ehh ugh (ibs post)

well today we have all school mass and we have to wear dress shirt and ties witch i hate already because it gets really hot in the gym...  and the other bad thing is i woke up this morning and my stomach was hurting....i was like seriously?  on the days i actually have to do things is the days you want to do i could be sitting at home it would hurt for a little off and on...but thats no problem i can distract myslef and go to the bathroom if needed but the pleasure of knowing i dont have to go or do anythings helps alot...but i will half to go to something church, party, family, school you name it and my stomach will just kill me...
      my stomach is different then other peoples stomach for many reasons .. such as my stomach doesnt warn  like if normal people have to use the bathroom there stomach will let them know ahead of time give you a stomach will not do anything itll just stay there so youll think your fine then you leave and soon as your leaving youll have to use the bathroom right now... i hate that shit.. what i eat doesnt really affect me much i can eat a bunch and not have my stomach hurt from it...but it will hurt from ibs and no reason at all...i wish it would stop because idk what pleasure my stomach gets from doing this to me but i really see no reason in it should stop..   i hope it goes away though becuase i cant live with this shit forever because i got shit to do in the future...

 there is no fighting my stomach either and there is no holding in..last time i tried to fight my stomach it was very bad =( it killed me so after that i just make sure not to fight it   and i always try to stay near a bathroom

Thursday, January 27, 2011


lol no...but i am intrested in it i know most people are just like thats stupid they arent real but have you ever thought about it deeper?
 like area 51 how does that work? even if the government had aliens they would tell us  because they dont want to cause a big situations and induse panic people can be pretty stupid about that stuff.  but they do things like energy weapons, time travel, stuff like that i want to know what goes on there...and if you work there and get fired or retire or quit what happens to you?  
   another thing is the bermuda traingle i want to know all the details i want to know what actually happened to all those people. 
  are any of the thousands of ufo sightings real?            and zombies i know thats two totally different things but think about nuclear radition and gases that change cells and things or stuff we dont know about can deform people and change them can there actually be zombies? who knows mabye government knows all these questions but it seems like the world will never know unless your working for them.. do you ever wonder about what the government has? like ok yes a white house do you things they have underground buildings and stuff? how bout underwater labortories in domes and stuff i wish we could learn about these things but there are some things i guess that are just not supposed to be seen.. 
  atlantis i want to know about that was it real what happened to it? is there a underwater city of atlantis? dont know?
   well if there are aliens the world will find out sometime but not for along time...because we sent a radio signal into space playing a beatles song..

     and the world will probly not make it till then...seeing in how theres so many stories of 2012 and stuff..frankly i dont believe it but i guess well all findout...but if you things about it. stuff like that is not impossible  like yellowstone park, the gyser is actually a underground valcano and its obviously active..if that erupts the ash cloud sent up is said that it will block out the sun for a long time and then the world will freeze and things  scary to think about...
   have you ever thought about time travel how would you know if it happened?  mabye the government does use time travel to the world without telling people just for expirements like mabye weve done these things and dont realize dayshavoo mabye its not in our minds mabye we actually did do those things but the rewinded time and we dont always remeber. sometimes you think about things...
are there aliens, demons, or anything unsual that is not known from ordianry people? mabye    comment and tell me what you think about

life update (jan 27 2011)

hello i havnt posted in a while, sorry been kinda busy well not really but heere and there lol. well lets see what have i been doing?  well i got back into graffiti on vandalsquad everyday and painting in real a little here  in there i brought my grades up witch is good, hm not much to talk about ... ya i dont know....well i wish more writers from cincinnati would get on vandalsquad i would like to talk to them...a reason why i dont get to serious with graffiti anymore is because im located in a bad place to do good graffiti..there really isnt anything around me except houses and you dont paint on houses, if i lived around downtown then i would be very serious i would paint everyday probly if i lived by the abondoned factories, tunnels and the tain yard ide be in graffiti heaven lol i still try to get up the best i can though it seems like there arent in writers around anymore except for whats already been there... o well

well i guess ill say my life plans haha well ill go to college and get all i need to get for computer animation and graphic design and ill try to get a job as a computer animation or design teacher then i will most likely be or be getting ready to get married..and then i will move to taiwan haha wow! lol confused?  ya idk why but i like taiwan i like the area and culture so i will try that out i might stay there for a year or two if it gets to be to much or i just cant live with it i might move back to the us. but if we decide to move again mabye japan or finland...her idea haha idk about that though..well see

Monday, January 10, 2011

life update (jan 10)

well nothing really is happening hm i guess i have stuff to talk about though because i havnt done a life udate since dec 15 lol
ok well my plan did work thats good
  i saw kitty on my birthday dec 18  but i havnt seen her since =( so thats not fun but ill see her today 
well for my birthday i got a new beanie  and a new better laptop haha
for christmas i got black ops i beat it ina couple hours
i got forza 3  its sucked
and i got some others stuff
and a new punhcing bag 
i dont really ask for anything i dont like getting presnets lol
well im getting back in vandalsquad ive done alot since ive been back on..
im getting lazy though i havnt done any of my own peices ive just been doin collabs and if i feel that theyll will take awhile i will not do them haha
i have so many i have to folders on my desktop ones called collabs to keep/give out and the other is called collabs to finish and thee are a couple cst. in there hahah
it makes me made because everyone wants to do peices on danish metro because thats is a long train or long wall so they will send me them so it becomes a problem when i have alot of danish metros cst.s and i dont no witch ones witch hahah
ive been trying to get into dnb doesnt look like it going to happen thats ok though
i got my crews im down witch right now   mh(metal headz)  tyl(two young locos) fs crew (free style crew) and i have the stuff for oe crew but i havnt saved for them lol  o well
  thee is a writers called stress he writes msk  and he beefs everyone for no reason lol
 its quite funny o well
i pondering on the idea of starting writing in real life again lol mabye but then i got to go to the hassle of getting paint again and thats always fun ...rack
i want kitty to get an xbox so she can play with me and we can talk more lol itll be really fun wen she does im holding of on getting my live again until she does so she better hurry up =( lol

i love you

well i told her ide blog this morning for her lol well here it is..
something happened last night that made me really really jealous and upset..i wont talk about it ehh.
im kinda over it now but my brain stills fights with me about it..telling me bad things..i trust her..its just hard from past its ok    i love you babygirl...
 im going to see you today also witch makes me happy..i hope we are well i kinda still have that feeling of fake happiness..i dont know about you though mabye
well all will be ok when we see eachother today huggs and kisses will make it all better 
   i wonder what shes doing..i wish i could go to her school and be in every class with her thatd be amazing but im pretty sure ide fail worse because ide be staring at her all class....and another things its probly good that i dont go there because wed kill eachother with jeoulousy haha we are both jealous sometimes its a hard thing to admit but i know we both are...once you get to a point in a relationship that you love someone so much your worried about everything and you dont want anyone else to have them you want them all to your will be ok soon though we will get used to it and it will slowly get better and stronger trust..i love her wil all my heart and i know she does to..i just cant wait to see her once i see her it will make every arguement dissapear and all will be good again =)  but there thing i am not going to be so happy about is when i see her i will be really happy and i will want to talk to her for the rest of the night but she will leave for dance =((( and i will be bored and lonley haha  i think i can take i must be stong i will just look at pictures or i might make her something special i dont i feel like doing something really cute for her as an apology for being mean last night and plus she deserves it shes so amazing and good to me so im going to do something for her =D muah baby
         i think about you 24/7 during my classes i just want to talk to you all school=( well i will talk to you after school cutie mauh have a good day

Thursday, January 6, 2011

graffiti story

well i was around 9 or 8 yers old and i would always go to my grandmas after school then i would get picked up from there and go home..well were my grandma lived there was alot of abandoned old factories near by and a place called northside a very artisitc pride place.. well one time when we were driving through to go home i remember seein a guy painting on the side of the wall for a company called wizard comuters all he had gotten finished was a city scene across the whole wall..i thought that it was so cool (the writer wrote rapes)
  after i saw that i wanted to do graffiti to so i became obsessed i looked up and got every possible thing about graffiti. i know everything about it. but i was young so i knew that it was bad but i wanted to do it so badly so i said ok i will just practice on paper for awhile so as a young kid i wanted a cool name so the first thing that came to mind was (neon star) i really dont know why it just seemed like a cool name then so ya..
i practice all the time and i was so toy..but thats normal lol..i think the problem with me was i focused to much on learning about it i wasted time everyday since then ive looked at spots everywere i go..cinci writers i know since then   (in order ive seen them in)
rapes, when, arys, met, rath, rule, jet, komy, merje, bars, ends, crust to be honest i know every writer there is so theres to many to list but those are some of the best but anyways i found a website called   i messed around on there since 05 till now and went through names haha-- neon star, seiz, colt, nsm, and now i write sevnd ...but anyways ever since ive seen rapes ive loved graffiti  and it makes me feel good there is more to my story but i got lazy haha