Tuesday, May 24, 2011

on days lol

well i played kyle in skate yesterday 4 times
the first time we got off to a slow start and it was really hot
but i beat him
then we went back outside after it cooled off
then i beat him again
then we played again and this is the game we both wen hard on

lets see
fakie tres
nollie tres
double flips
fakie 360 shuv
nollie flip
fakie frontside flip
backside flip
switch backside 180
frontside flip
fakie varial heel
we went hard but i beat him

then the fourth time we played we didnt get to finish lol cuz we went home lol

looks like i got my tricks back and some
well  anyways tornadoes and bad storms last night
and suppose to be this night to maybe all this week idk lol

o well as long as it doesnt kill or tear my shit up lol
all i brought downstairs yesterday was my laptop and my beanie lol
important things ya know lol
o well my money making chances r pissin me off shit is not going to plan...
itll happen cuz ill make it happen
idk what to talk about lol so bye i guess

well wats the point of having followers if you dont comment ?
if your following me then gtfo if your not going to comment

1 comment:

  1. what does it mean to "play skate" i am wondering? i just thought it was called skateboarding. L.O.L.
    good job at getting your tricks back :-)

    hope you are well.....