Friday, May 6, 2011


to be honest kitty is making me kinda mad...i dont really care if anyone reads this and says wow your a dick no im a realist i know how life works i know hows situations turn out im almost always right and kitty knows that but for some reasons she doesnt do stuff and then she gets upset when something happens.
ok well kitty is upset about her artwork getting ruined ok yes i =de be sad to ...would i cry like she ide be mad though but only for a hour or 2 then get over it because just your paints and drawing got ruined your abilty to paint and draw didnt go away to so your can do better peices and you can try to use this to your advantage try to think about ruin and make art of of it like disaster like rubble of mixed black lines and dark colors and out of those colors starts forming shapes and artwork gradually getting brighter  and it can represent something like you lowest point and digging yourself out but stronger  and it might just be your best peice of art or it can be a nice peice of art becasue it can represetn a dark time in your life that you workd through and it can motivate you when ever your feeling down..

 the reason im mad though is becasue in her post she said no one was there and she hated everything and nothing was good and she didnt say anything about me...   so she kinda left out the part that i called her and made her feel better that best i could andgot her laughing and talking normal and telling her that everything is fine and it i guess that didnt matter  ........ok she hates everything? really ? then what am i doing here?
nothing is good? what about all those things we do/talk/make together the time we just saw eachother
i guess those mean nothing to you..

 another reason is that even though her dream is to go to art school a realist i know how this works now so im being honest not mean so you can suck my dick
if you go to art school witch is hard to get into anyways then you have to be really good...yes kitty is really good but if you want to graduate art school and become an artist then no...becasue your chances of becoming an artist that actually makes money are very slim you have to be amazing nowadays
and since the economys bad no one is really hiring artist becasue they can do it themselves to save money

so it wasnt a good idea in the first place but to replace that college idea i gave her this one
since she is so good at editing photoshop codes and stuff
i told her to go in for photo imaging/editing and websites desing codes and through that she has more opertunities and she can do art to...itll work better in the long run  

and to be honest she could become a therapist just an idea

i love you kitty but you cant give up on things just cuz there was a minor setback
and this is minor its just painting and drawing you can do more better ones you an creative artist with amazing potential and you dont believe in yourself you dont think you can do better when you really can
im not telling you,you cant do these things in this post im telling you better ideas that will help you in long run trust me im always right ;)


  1. babe i wrote that post before you called me and it published late. you know you mean the world to me baby you're my best friend. i was saying how i had felt at the moment i felt like no one was there and that no one cared because i kept texting you and you didnt reply to me and no one was there to talk to me, so i felt that way at the time.. it was nothing against you babe..

    it just isnt a minor setback to me, to me this is something finally a grown up about to go to college and i just got my chances completely ruined. it just really seemed like i was THAT close to getting my dream and it was like crushed / drowned :( i might be able to do better but i don't have the resources anymore...i have no canvas and my paints are pretty much gone..

    and i think i would be a really good therapist..and yeah, photo imaging i can already do it's just really a big let down to me that i cant do what i want :(

    i cant find any motivation for art right now...i'm still sad about it but i'm not crying now..but i'm pretty sure that i cant look at that folder for a long time cuz i'll most likely get depressed...

    and you know that when i saw everything that i DO NOT MEAN YOU! jeez baby you know i love you don't ever think that!! :( i love you :(
    i'm sorry i didnt mention you baby i wrote it before we talked :( i love you

  2. you love her? but i thought you love me >:-(